X-Men: Apocalypse action-packed block movie screening by Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket: X-Men Apocalypse

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The ninth installment of the much awaited X-Men film series is finally here! The Golden Ticket held a special block screening last night of the X-Men: Apocalypse at the Cinema 3 of SM Megamall.

Despite being held on a late Wednesday night, crowds of moviegoers lined up early and made it in time for the movie. This truly shows that Golden Ticket events is consistently known as a great provider of memorable movie experiences in the Philippines.

Golden Ticket: X-Men Apocalypse

Golden Ticket: X-Men Apocalypse

Patrons of Golden Ticket Events get to enjoy a serving of free cheese popcorn and a bottled of Real Leaf Fruity apple juice for this movie.

Golden Ticket: X-Men Apocalypse

Lloyd Urbino

Care to look for me in the crowd?

Prior to the actual movie screening, several prizes from the Zoomanity Group, Tree Top Adventure and Hot Forex were given to participants of a short Q&A segment. Some of the questions asked were the following:

  • Name at least four (4) mutants from the X-Men movie.
  • Name at least three (3) actors/actress from the X-Men movie.
  • Name at least two (2) theme parks from the Zoomanity Group.
  • Name the presenter of the X-Men: Apocalypse special block screening.

Winners either get a one night accommodation at a Zoomanity Group theme park, Tree Top adventure passes and foreign exchange trading classes.

Golden Ticket: X-Men Apocalypse

Directed by Brian Singer, and screenplay by Simon Kinberg, X-Men: Apocalpyse is basically a face off between En Sabah Nur, the first and most powerful mutant, with his Four Horsemen and the X-Men. The movie showcased the young versions of X-Men staples and featured some of their backstories such as Storm’s, Cyclops’s, and Jean Grey’s.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The movie is action-packed with less emotions that astounded everyone afterwards.

Golden Ticket: X-Men Apocalypse

Finally, Golden Ticket attendees didn’t go home empty handed. Everyone received a loot bag loaded with PhP 1, 000 worth of goodies from the sponsors.

Making the event also possible is by ASTIG.PH, Tag Media & Public Relations, Zoomanity Group, Business Mirror, Speedy Cards PH, Victoria Court, AlFox Printing Services, HotForex, Contours Body Design Studio, Vincent Chug, and Pinoy Blogger.