XTREME Cool Portable Aircon goes on sale in PH

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PHILIPPINES – Whether during the summer or rainy season, Filipino households have practically deemed air conditioning units as one of the most essential appliances at home. XTREME Appliances, the country’s leading one-stop shop appliances, offers a wide range of air-cooling products to cater to the needs and preferences of Filipino households — window type, split type, floor standing, ceiling cassette, and ceiling mounted. Throughout the years, with the continuous innovation and lifestyle evolution, Filipinos have been given the choice to choose from these two popular compressor options: the inverter and non-inverter.

In line with its mission in bringing comfort and convenience to every Filipino household, XTREME Appliances has been continuously offering products that will not only keep our homes comfortable but suit specific and varying needs as well. Just recently, the brand launched its newest addition to its impressive lineup of air cooling products under the XTREME Cool category — the portable aircon.

This XTREME Cool Portable Air Conditioner is the most convenient and simplest solution to your air cooling needs. In this article, we list down 4 advantages of having XTREME Cool Portable Air Conditioner at home.

Mobility and Convenience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of XTREME Cool Portable Aircon is its portability. Compared to window mounted or wall mounted units, you can just roll your portable aircon to any room that you need to keep cool — thanks to its built-in wheels for smoother mobility.

On the other hand, XTREME Cool Portable Aircons have an Auto-Restart feature, which means they will turn back on and start cooling at the same settings after a power outage.

Affordable and Perfect for Small Spaces

XTREME Appliances makes your dream of purchasing a portable aircon easily affordable as it is one of the most budget-friendly of its kind in the market. The 1.0HP unit (XACPT10) is priced at Php 16,995 while the 1.5HP unit (XACPT15) costs only Php 17,995.

If your homes don’t require constant and extensive cooling throughout, the XTREME Cool Portable aircon boasts a Strong Wind feature that makes it a practical alternative to mounted units. XTREME Cool Portable Aircon is a great way of saving money without sacrificing comfort for you.

No Installation Needed

XTREME Cool Portable Aircon unit does not require installation, hence saving you installation costs. All you need is to unpack the unit from its packaging, connect to a compatible electrical outlet, find an exit of the exhaust hose out of the window, and turn it on. You don’t also have to worry about figuring out the appropriate location or should you have a possibility of renovating your home’s interior in the future.

Stylish minimalist design

While XTREME Appliances always make sure to provide quality and dependable appliances for our homes, the visual impact is also highly considered. XTREME Cool Portable aircon boasts an icy white design finish that follows a new emerging style trend for your modern Filipino living.

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