YAKI-YAKI is on a roll as store #9 opens

Scallop Cheese Melt Soba - Yaki-Yaki
Scallop Cheese Melt Soba - Yaki-Yaki

Looking for something worth your street food cravings? Have no worries for YAKI-YAKI is expanding this 2022! Opening their 9th store location in SM Jazz Hypermart, this fast growing Japanese street food business is sure to satisfy your cravings.

February 2022, is a strong combination in terms of making a connection (2,2022 ) thus the first of its kind was all set in opening this new location. Offering a food combination not yet seen in our country, Yaki-Yaki is here to give you YAKIsoba and takoYAKI in one blow.

With a good range of takoyaki to choose from, you will definitely find a favorite Yaki-Yaki combo.

Is it affordable? Based on what is in the market,  I can say that it is affordable indeed. Is it tasty? It will definitely hit the spot. May it be simply to satisfy your mid-day cravings or a to-go-for heavy meal on the go, Yaki-yaki is the answer.

Yaki-YakiNo need to look for one cause there will be one near you in time. 9 stores strategically located and a target of 15 locations all in all, for this year. Expect a new name to drop by for something to munch on as you shop or simply stroll.

Not only did they opened their 9th store, they also launched their Scallops Cheese Melt and Yaki Bento – 2 additional treats for the busy people craving for a simple yet filling Japanese meal.

The Scallops Cheese Melt is a bomb!! You have to try it! Ask for the cheese takoyaki too!

And before I forget, they do have something to perfectly wash everything of your palate. Not a juice. Not milktea. They have a good Milkbar selection that is worth trying out.

Scallop Cheese Melt Soba - Yaki-Yaki Yaki-Yaki
Scallop Cheese Melt Soba – Yaki-Yaki Yaki-Yaki

YAKI-YAKI is the first store serving takoyaki+yakisoba together in the Philippine market. So if you are after good food for people on the go then this is for you. They are open for franchise too.