Yanny or Laurel: Audio equivalent of “the dress” is driving the Internet crazy!

Want to drive yourself crazy? Try this audio illusion!

Remember the infamous dress that forever tore the world apart between blue-and-black or white-and-gold? The audio version is here, and it’s called “Yanny or Laurel”.

The video, originally posted by Cloe Feldman on Instagram and later re-posted on Twitter, has had over 20.1 Million views at the time of writing.

Depending on several factors, you may hear either Yanny or Laurel or even both.

The most popular explanation so far is that it has to do the audible register or frequency, possibly influenced by the medium (i.e. speakers, headphones) used to reproduce the sound.

Feureau has a good video explaining this phenomenon. Do you hear Yanny or Laurel? Share your thoughts in the comments section!