Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzales’ Dream Dad tops ratings … again

Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzales a hit among viewers, netizens
Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzales a hit among viewers, netizens

MANILA, Philippines – Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzales’ natural onscreen chemistry has charmed TV viewers who are now hooked on the budding romance of Baste (Zanjoe) and Alex (Beauty) in ABS-CBN’s charming primetime drama series “Dream Dad.”

Based on data from Kantar Media, “Dream Dad’s” episode last Monday (February 16), which featured Baste and Alex’s romantic bonding moment, scored a national TV rating of 28.6%. It is 12 points higher compared to its rival program on GMA “More Than Words” (16.6%).

Aside from the ratings, the ‘BaLex’ (Baste and Alex) love team also conquered social networking sites such as Twitter where ‘Jacket o Yakap’ became a nationwide trending topic because of Baste’s sweet gesture to offer his jacket to Alex while they were hanging out.

Meanwhile, TV viewers will surely fall in love even more in the next episodes of “Dream Dad” now that Baste and Alex start to develop a deeper relationship. How will Alex be able to help Baste with his emotional struggle after Baby (Jana Agoncillo) returned to the orphanage? Will Alex be able to open Baste’s heart to welcome love once again?

Don’t miss the continuation of the feel-good family drama series that will draw smiles in the hearts of viewers, “Dream Dad,” weeknights, after “TV Patrol,” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.