Kindergarten to University: How technology is transforming education with cloud networking

PHILIPPINES – Over the past few years, Zyxel Networks has been at the forefront of empowering millions of students with digital learning solutions. From kindergartens to prestigious universities, medical schools, and aviation academies, Zyxel’s secure and cloud-powered networking solutions have revolutionized education by enabling teachers to deliver engaging lessons using innovative technology, fostering student development and ensuring their success.

The landscape of education has undergone a remarkable transformation with the rise of digital learning. In the wake of the pandemic, the EdTech industry has experienced unprecedented growth, resulting in the widespread adoption of laptops, notebooks, smartboards, and online learning platforms. While this has opened up exciting new possibilities, it has also presented challenges, particularly in the form of increased pressure on school networks due to the proliferation of connected devices.

Creating a high-performance network capable of supporting a thousand users can be a daunting task, even for experienced educators and tech-savvy individuals. Recognizing this, Zyxel has emerged as a trusted partner, offering effortless and scalable solutions like Nebula. Designed to seamlessly connect devices, Nebula is backed by Zyxel’s extensive portfolio of cloud-managed products, comprising a wide range of options such as WiFi 6/6E APs, multigigabit switches, security firewalls, and 5G mobile routers.

Setting up these devices is a breeze, enabling schools and EdTech partners to establish connections quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, managing and monitoring the network can be done from a centralized platform, providing convenience and ease of use. In the event of any issues, Zyxel’s award-winning customer support is readily available to provide assistance to schools and partners whenever needed.

Zyxel’s impact in connecting schools worldwide has been recognized with accolades such as the Network Computing Award 2022 in the UK. In Taiwan, Zyxel has made significant strides, with 15% of primary and secondary school students currently benefiting from Zyxel-powered networks. Even renowned institutions like the National Taiwan Normal University have embraced Zyxel’s technology, deploying over 1,000 units of WiFi 6 APs on a single campus, facilitating academic excellence for thousands of exceptional students.

Mr. Crowley Wu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zyxel Networks, expressed his enthusiasm for the transformative role their networking solutions play in education, stating, “It is gratifying to witness the impact of our solutions in fostering innovative learning models and revolutionizing education delivery. The education sector has experienced remarkable growth in many countries, thanks to our dedicated channel partners and the specialized networking solutions that have convinced numerous schools to embark on this transformative journey with us. We are thrilled to have reached this significant milestone and eagerly anticipate the future as we continue to drive progress in education.”

By focusing on seamless connectivity, user-friendly management, and unwavering support, Zyxel Networks has positioned itself as a catalyst for educational transformation, empowering students and educators to thrive in the digital age.