She only wanted her pet dog groomed, they killed him instead

Karen Balce pet dog Tyler died at The Dog Spa & Hotel
Karen Balce pet dog Tyler died at The Dog Spa & Hotel

MANILA, Philippines – When Karen Balce left her four year-old pet Shih Tzu, Tyler, to The Dog Spa & Hotel in BF Homes Parañaque, she only wanted him groomed. However, she went back to find her lying dead on a table instead.

According to Karen, they put Tyler on a leash after he was groomed and left him on a table. When he jumped (or fell) from the table, the leash caught the dog’s neck here he got hanged. He eventually died from asphyxiation.

Full text of Ms. Balce’s post below.

Yesterday, my mom took Tyler to the groomers for his weekly haircut and grooming in The Dog Spa & Hotel in BF Homes Paranaque, and little did we know that this would be the cause of his early death.

The groomers texted my mom that Tyler was ready for pick up, and when she got there they made her wait for a couple of minutes and then out came the groomer saying “Ma’am may nangyari po kay Tyler” my mom rushed inside to find out that Tyler on a table in a leash is already dead.

The cause was that after they groomed him, they put him on a leash (he was never ever on a leash, even in the house) and placed him on table and left him there; for some reason he fell/ jumped out of the table and so he was hung to death, they only found out when my mom got there 30 mins after they finished grooming him.

Tyler struggled to death, which is the hardest part for us. The receptionist mentioned to my mom how tyler was barking, assuming that he was lonely since he was the only dog there, we later assumed that he was barking asking for help and no one came to the rescue.

Tyler is only four years old, a healthy dog who is loved by all (even by people who aren’t fond of dogs like me). I was never a fan of dogs, but Tyler is different, he has always been very harmless and acted like he was a real boy.

We treated him like he was really part of the family and cared for him like he was a real human being.

He was never allowed to play outside (just because he can’t get dirty, which he hates as well), his stroller was his way out of the house, and hearing Sunday Mass was always the highlight of his week.

He celebrates his birthday yearly complete with a party, and he was spoiled by mom in the way that I can even get jealous. It crushes our heart over and over again how our baby died struggling. It pains us to know that we weren’t able to help him and that his death could have been prevented.

I am sharing this with all of you so you can be extra careful with the groomers you choose for your pets, The Dog Spa (Philippines) obviously should not be your choice.

Help me share this on Facebook so other dog owners can be aware. Mind you, its a policy to place the dogs in cages after grooming and not on a leash. We are now exploring what we can do to give Tyler’s death justice and give what is due to the people who did this to him.

Gone too soon, Tyler. Know that you will be forever in our hearts, and we miss you so so so much already.

According to her friend, Tyler has since been cremated.

Facebook post showing Tyler the Shih Tzu dog being cremated
Facebook post showing Tyler the Shih Tzu dog being cremated


The Dog Spa & Hotel posted the following message on their official Facebook page on Tuesday, January 13:

Dear fellow Pet Parents and friends,

Together with you, we mourn the loss of our dear friend, Tyler. Tyler has been a loyal customer and friend of The Dog Spa BF Homes branch for 3 long years. This is why we don’t have the words to express how heartbroken we are.

We can’t even begin to imagine how it is for Tyler’s family — as pet parents ourselves, we were devastated by the news of this unfortunate incident. We grieved with everyone who heard the news. We have also stayed silent as a sign of respect to our dear friend Tyler and his family. We know that no words can comfort them or make things better.

But we have nonetheless, reached out to the family of Tyler, to show our love and support, and provide comfort in their time of need. Not just as business owners, but as human beings who know what it is like to love and lose a dear furry friend.

What we can only do is to ensure that this accident never happens again. Rest assured that the groomer is no longer with us and that we will ensure that nothing like this has a chance of happening ever again.

We started The Dog Spa not as a source of income, but to share our passion for pets. We will continue to regain the trust of pet parents and their furry babies.

We thank all those who have showed concern for Tyler and his family. We also thank those who have shown support in this time of grief.

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  1. The title made me read the article I thought they killed poor Tyler. It was negligence and irresponsibility. I couldn't imagine this would happen to my Miggy. Once a month we brought him to Petsmart for touch up (ear, teeth, nails, shave etc.) and he was on top of the table with leash. Made me think I will not leave him alone. Too scary! I love him so much? RIP Tyler you're so cute and lovable. If I were on the shoes of the dog owner I don't know what have i done. I'm too emotional.

  2. the spa may not have literally killed Tyler, but them not preventing the FORESEEN danger is also a form of killing. their irresponsibility and carelessness caused Tyler's death therefore, they did cause the death of Tyler, therefore, they killed Tyler. I can't even imagine this happening to my baby Pug Sandy. 🙁

  3. So a precious poor little dog has to pass away first for you to take extra precaution??Walang magagawa yang sorry nyo na yan,that's animal cruelty,leaving the dog alone in a leash,and above the table pa!Nasan na yung employee na yun?Let him/her face the consequences nung nagawa nya.Tsaka isa pa,isa lang ba yung tao ng dog spa nila para di nila mapansin yung iyak ng dog??As a dog owner,alam na alam ko kung anong klaseng iyak yung sound/bark ng aso.Dogs are smart,pero alam naman natin na iba ang pag-iisip ng dogs tsaka tao.Sana lang,sa lahat ng dog spa/hotel or dog gromming/vet services owners out there at sa lahat ng employee nila,take VERY good care of the pets naman.Kasi buhay yan,eventhough they're only dogs/animal to your employees point of view but to us pet owners/pet lovers,they are part of the family.The joy and love that they give can't amount to anything in the world.My deepest sympathy.R.I.P Tyler. :'(

  4. What bothers me the most is that the receptionist can hear the ONLY dog barking, obviously in trouble. Assuming na wala silang ibang client that day, which could be possible kasi nga Tyler was the only dog in, why wouldn't the receptionist check on the dog? And where are the staff that are supposed to keep an eye on them?

  5. aww.. made me cry! 🙁 Tyler needs justice!
    may aso din ako chihuahua and shih tzu kaya talagang pinapanoood ko kung pano sila igroom hindi ako papayag na mangyari sakanila ang nangyari kay tyler,. walang asong deserve ang ganung klase ng pagkamatay.. :'( grabe nakakadurog ng puso.. Rest in Peace dear Tyler..

  6. Mehedi Hasan please dont equate accident with negligence…accident is accident less likely be prevented.. negligence is totally a different story. incompetence yun. had they followed their SOP. had they have taken care of that poor baby, death could've been prevented.

    what were they doing if si Tyler lang pala mag-isa? nanonood ng TV? kumakain? nagte-text? playing games? that's what i call wasting time while getting paid?….if hindi nila kaya maging responsableng salon wag na mag-operate

  7. IMHO i think the title was not meant to mislead but how the fur parents of little Tyler feels.
    Whatever the excuses of the salon pinatay pa rin nila yung dog, accidental or not nandon pa rin yung trust na binigay ng fur parents ni Tyler na ayusin at alagaan yung dog nila , for me iba kasi ang accident at pagpapabaya eh .. di naman pweding kada mali eh aksidente na lang lagi ang excuses nila, it takes time para mawalan ng hininga ang isang dog na nabigti so sa mga oras na yun talagang iniwan nalang din talaga yung dog dahil di namn daw nila expect na ganun mangyari, pero for me may possibilities kasi may harm na mangyari sa dog kung pabayaan nasa table lang. .

  8. Elmer De Asis: the answer is awareness. Probably di man BIG deal sa iba, then again sa mga tao na ang turing sa mga alaga nila ay pamilya at sa mga nagpapatakbo ng petshop mas magiging aware at cautious sila next time.

  9. ok andun na tau sa point na pabaya ung shop but its not necessarily na kailangan pag sigawan ung problema pwd naman mag file ng case about sa pagkamatay ni tyler tiba?? ung waste of time na sinsabi ko ehh dahil un sa sinabi ni ivy iglesias na e report sa TV. pag na report ba sa TV ung problem mag kakaroon ba ng pag babago ang pinas? mapapakain nya ba ang mga gutom na tutulongan ba ang mga addict sa kalye? mawawala ba ang corrupt? tas ang title pa eh tyler killed by the dog spa hotel pet grooming??? iba ang Pinatay sa Napatay dahil sa kapabayaan.R.I.P tyler Peace yow Earthlings

  10. It's just goes without saying that the statement of the pet shop's owner is contradicting to what had happened.. tyler was the only. Pet that time and yet they did not gave him enough attention after He groomed it. Then He said. That. It's not a source of income to. To share their compassion also to every pet? Kalokohan… RIP Tyler… You are. Forever be loved by your owner…

  11. Jen Lee-Tan , I dunno what your point is. But if you don't get it, everyone on the thread feels for the pet owners. No one here wants pets dying.

    What I am trying to achieve with my question is to evoke the right way of dealing with such matters.

    I feel the sadness the event has caused to the pet owners. One need not be a pet owner to empathize with such misfortune.

    As civilized, grieving, thinking, individuals, we all can't just go about our careless "voicing out" of opinions and feelings and at the same time demolish businesses or establishments in the process. There has to be a certain law, process, or policy which can be used to bring things to term and order.

    It's similar to hospitals ending up with a dead patient because a medical personnel was negligent on his/her part. You don't simply go about bashing the hospital and wish for it be closed down. You end up terminating it's services for other sick people too. You'll probably end up with a sick community of people due to lack of available medical services. Instead, one can go to proper channels and "discipline" the actual culprit.

    The same goes for pet shops. Would you know how many pet owners and animals they've made happy? The number actual people working there with passion for caring and loving pets who is at the least of your concerns?

    Hey, I am not saying you let the pet shop go without a pink slip. I am suggesting you go around and tell people that there's a better way to deal with the situation than just telling them to "fuck off dahil wala kang puso at di ka genuine animal lover!".

    BTW, I bet you don't even have a proper, straight answer to my opening post.

  12. The family of Tyler and all GENUINE pet lovers on this page ARE STILL GRIEVING and DEVASTATED by the negligence of this establishment! The last thing on OUR (genuine pet lovers) minds is think about the welfare of the employees/owners or anybody connected with this establishment. We (genuine pet lovers) could care less about what will happen to them.

  13. Are you the owner of that dog salon? Sa mga comment mo kasi, you keep on refuting the story. If you're not interested in dog care, go somewhere else and discuss poverty with them. Wag ka dito kung hindi mo naman naiitindihan ang side ng pet owners.

  14. Our deepest sympathy to Tyler's family… Both the handling groomer and the grooming facility should take responsibility for what Tyler has gone through… Firing the handling groomer and issuing a statement of assurance that this grooming facility have already taken measures to prevent incidents like this will not happen again is not enough compared to what Tyler's family is going through now… Attention philippine animal welfare society (PAWS)… Pet grooming facilities and handlers should have a licenses like doctors since they are handling animals… Pet grooming facilities and handlers should have proper education and proper legal guidelines on pet grooming and handling that both should be liable to anything that happens in the facility…

  15. Hey Elmer , yes we have load of problems in this country and one of them is you, who doesn't care anything. That's why we employed people who deal with pet animals to expense of the tax payer. So If you have no good words to say just SHUT UP!!! We pet lovers treat our pet like us, they are more sincere than human!!! You so dumb!!!!

  16. this is heartbreaking.. i have a tzu too. he's one year and 4 months,, and i never ever leave him alone in the grooming salon though kirin is 'SUKI' na there.. for me, its hard to trust anybody to take care of my boy more than i take care of him.. i know they still treat him like just ordinary dog with a little compassion.. if this things happen to me, ill sue them.. though grooming salon said sorry,, it will never be enough.. pets are like family,, so they must hire a proffessional staff who looked up them as family too.. im so soory for how tyler left his furfamily.. run free in rainbow bridge baby,, even u wont get the justice that u deserve, God has its on way.. my condolences.. 🙁

  17. The best comment i got so far miguel. I agree they should be liable for damages. And i demand the same thing for the owner of tyler. But i do have a question to you and all others who are following this post. Who would be liable for the jobs of the other employees of the pet salon who had nothing to do with tylers death. When their business closes because of all the hate comments plus shares this post gets? Surely no one will take responsibility for that right? Im sure if you had a pet salon you would think 2ice before hiring any previous employee of this salon. Its amazing how the internet have made people so naive and socially irresponsible at the same time. Sometimes we are doing so much damage to the world without realizing it.

  18. Read all my comments before u effin ef me. I have sympathy for victims. But its not ok to victimize others in the process. Like in the case of the pet salon. Im saying that dont believe everything you read in the internet withour proper research. Im giving a good message and a neutral message here. Learn how to look at both posibilities of a story before you start posting hate comments. That has nothing to do with not sympathising

  19. Mehedi, if you want to talk about other stuff like poverty, then press the "back" button and get the eff out of this page. It's natural for people to feel devastated because things like this shouldn't happen. If you can't share the same sympathy as we do, then just stop commenting cause we don't need people like you here. Okay? Just go away.

  20. Jen Lee-Tan , I am a pet owner. I have a chow which my family and I have looked after and loved for more than 6 years now.

    What kind of response is that anyway? You go around the comments section and tell people to "shut up" when their comments do no not seem "side" with the pet-deceased family? I am trying to get a response for a possibly complex moral stance as I may be put a similar situation, being a pet owner. myself.

    It's not even insult to injury, it is the reality they(the above mentioned pet owner) might and will have to face soon.

    If you can't honestly answer my simple yet related question, then shut up as well.

  21. Jen Lee-Tan the title is to seek attention. "you wouldn't believe what happened to her" "number 5 will blow your mind" lol. It can be misleading, and can definitely be improved. If you read the article, it was an accident. When you say they killed him, may intent. So dinala dun yung dog and the groomer stuck a knife to the animal, which is not the case of course.

  22. Being a fellow dog owner…I offer you my sincerest condolences on the loss of your dog. My family has 5 dogs at home, one is also a shihtzu. I could just imagine the horror you had to suffer when your dog died. The spa should be sued for something as irresponsible and horrid as this incident.

  23. Hi jen. I have a goldfish named heisenberg. And a cat named fiona. I have to always make sure heisenberg does not become fionas dinner. Was just sarcastic once. Couldnt help it. I know tyler would have agreed with me. RIP tyler.

  24. Jen Lee-Tan I agree, although the issues he is concerned with are important as well. I was upset to hear that a dog died in the premises of his usual groomers. As a pet owner, I would have been devastated if it had happened to me. My dogs are like my children, and losing them so early would be heartbreaking.

  25. Guys pls, im not saying that its ok for pet salons to be so negligent. Dont get me wrong. Im just trying to put a neutral perspective. Chillax pls. Try to look at both sides of a story. For those who are throwing law vocabs, you should also know, there has the be criminal intention for there to be a crime. So yes, there are things such as accidents.

  26. So, dapat ba magsara at putulan ng income ang lahat ng involved sa pag-papatakbo ng petshop na ito? Pati yung mga taong di naman kasama sa panahon na nangyari ang pagpapabaya?

  27. Noooo! 🙁 Condolence to the family. I have a real bad experience with Dog Spa as well in Ortigas branch years ago. I lived right across the salon and I decided to move out after the incident with my precious dog. She got hurt but not dead. The trauma is still there,, and I'm doing what the company's vet has told me to do.. groom the dog myself instead.

  28. Eason de Guzman Jr Not "she only wanted her pet groomed, they killed him instead"…hhmmm… It seems more appropriate to me cause that's what actually happened…BUT the title is beside the point…It's the thought that matters.

  29. Jen Lee-Tan Then the tittle of the article should be "Dog killed by unmaned dog spa". See my point? Not "She only wanted her pet dog groomed, they killed him instead"

    The title is only great in getting attention, but for lazy people who doesn't read will think a dog spa isi ruthless and just killed by dog.

  30. Theyre grieving the losses they'll surely incur because of this "unfortunate event". Pft. Letting go of that employee doesnt make any of this right. This company should be sued, I know money wouldn't make up for the loss of a beloved family member. But tyler's guardian probably would not be able to resume to her normal day-to-day activities I.e. might not make it to work or attend to her family's affairs. A compensatory sum of money as civil damages and punishment to the owner of the Dog Spa is fairly logical. I hope the owner of Tyler would pursue legal action.

  31. They're grieving the losses they're surely incur because of this "unfortunate event". Pft. Letting go of that employee doesnt make any of this right. This company should be sued, I know money wouldn't make up for the loss of a beloved family member. But tyler's guardian probably would not be able to resume to her normal day-to-day activities I.e. might not make it to work or attend to her family's affairs. A compensatory sum of money as civil damages and punishment to the owner of the Dog Spa is fairly logical. I hope the owner of Tyler would pursue legal action.

  32. I stand corrected THEY HAVE NOT issued an apology letter…they ONLY posted a letter of sympathy to let everyone know that they are grieving and that they had "let go" of the employee…pathetic!!

  33. Yup but not intentionally, there is a difference between "THEY KILLED" and "GOT KILLED". No matter how you put it, its wrong to say that they intentionally killed the dog. Which the article title
    is trying to say.

  34. @jen lee tan. Indeed, I didnt feel the sincerity either. It was as if they're pointing out that the only thing they can do now is to make sure it never happens again. Thats true but if youre really sorry, you didnt have to rationalize and be logical about things. A sincere apology would have resonated even with just words. Theirs just felt cold.

  35. What's sad pa pala is they HAVE NOT issued an apology letter. What they posted on their FB page is a simple sympathetic letter to let everyone know that "they are also grieving" for the dog…SUS!!

  36. **sorry had to edit.
    Elmer De Asis, real talk you say? Law governs the humanity, however its not only the humanity who enjoys he benefit of laws. ANIMALS too have the rights to enjoy the benefits of law, to keep them from Harm. Referring to real problems, you cant simply just disregard this as something not of a big issue because if issues on humans have been dealt with laws and there are laws for animals as well, it only means both are equally a big issue, or has an equal importance, a dog's death can therefore be the same thing a man dies.

  37. Elmer De Asis, real talk you say? Law governs the humanity, however its not only the humanity who enjoys he benefit of laws. ANIMALS too have the rights to enjoy the benefits of law, to keep them from Harm. Referring to real problems, you cant simply just disregard this as something not of a big issue because if issues on humans have been dealt with laws and there are laws for animals as well, it only means both are equally a big issue, or has an equal importance, a dog's death can therefore be the same thing as when a dog or any animal dies.

  38. The apology is worth nothing by just firing the employee responsible. All employees who's aware of Tyler's presence in their grooming spa should be held liable for reasons thats they are all bound to put into action their duty of care as it was entrusted to them. Especially that receptionist who heard the barking, above all, plus he/she was, I assume to have been the first person who have seen Tyler as it came in for grooming. Plus that cheap idiot who leashed the poor critter. Or the groomer who didnt act by putting the groomed dog in a cage. Furthermore, the management itself for not making sure that the standard of their employees and their conducts are up to at least satisfactory level. Seriously, I strongly suggest that the owner sue the whole of the grooming centre if you really want Tyler's justice. Disregard any apology until they're totally shut down and banned to do such business.

  39. @elmer de asis: you're comment here is so uncalled for. Yes, there are many problems in the world but having a beloved pet, God's creature with a life of its own, killed this way, is not a simple manner to be dismissed. Your comment is so insensitive and showed what kind of steward you are to God's creations.

  40. @mark ocampo and Elize Gapac: the title is not misleading at all. It tells the truth, of what really happened. They killed the dog, whether it wad intentional or intentional, the title stated the simple fact that that they killed the dog.

  41. Mehedi Hasan – seems like you're not even a pet owner with all your sarcastic remarks. If you wanted to discuss a different topic then WHY join in this discussion where obviously people here are more concern about the death of the dog.

  42. Elmer De Asis -Let me explain something to you, KID! Household pets are often times considered as family members. YOU do not in ANYWAY say it's a "waste of time" when a family member dies due to a tragic incident. What you do is make the public aware of the negligence and see to it that it does NOT happen again!! Mag-aral ka muna bata!!

    And they say "kabataan ang kinabukasan"…sus!! Pure Ignorance written all over kids faces these days.

  43. Ok thats good. Good to know someone actually spend her time researching just to prove a point. Now that we all know that tylers death will not go unpunished. Maybe some of us can go and discuss issues such as blood diamonds, world poverty, healthcare, child soilders, womens rights, education and the issues that can make the world better and safer for all. Feel free to join me.

  44. You can sue them. Petsmart and petco uses leashes to groom dogs but takes them off or carries the pet with them when they need to do something like answering the phone

  45. The Dog Spa & Hotel posted about Tyler's death a few hours ago which, I suppose, proves that this article is true. Despite the kind words they said in the post, there was no apology to their causing Tyler's death. Only reassurance that the accident won't happen again because they fired the employee taking care of Tyler at that time. I think is unfair to that employee because the managerial staff is responsible for training them in doing their duties correctly. I find this to be the company's fault. It may not happen again in the future and it may not have happened in the previous years. But what happened to Tyler is still their fault.

  46. Remember also not everything u read on the internet is true just because it has pictures. This sort of tactics is also used by companies to kill the competition. The story may not even be true… so take a second to think that you will be putting people out of their jobs with ur hate comments and by sharing this post. All for the love of dog named tyler that you never even knew.

  47. Cge sabihin natin kasalanan ng salon. But its the way most people are reacting kc. Parang wala na karapatan un salon owner and staff to making a living anymore. Un title palang, "they killed him" makes it sound like a premeditated act of murder… i feel sorry for the dog but try to understand it was an accident. And lets learn form this unfortunate event so it doesnt happen to us too.

  48. The establishment has civil or criminal liability with the death of the dog. You can consult a lawyer to file charges against the establishment so that they will pay for the damages and besides there is a law penalizing abuse to animals.

  49. Kaya nga pumunta ng dog salon eh, para alagaan yung aso. Binabayaran yung dog salon para siguraduhin na maayos yung service sa aso. Hindi kasalanan nung owner kasi kampanti sila na dahil sa pet salon nga yon ay nasa ayos din yung pet nila.

  50. Kawawa naman nag tayu sila ng negosyong yan dapat alam na nila ang mga tamang pag iingat Hindi na maibabalik ng salitang "hindi sinasadya aksidente lang." Ang bagay na sana ginawa ang tamang precautions di umabot sa

  51. You could sue the grooming place. Not for a monetary compensation or any remedy but rather have their licence revoked and their centre shut down, plus a banning of evet having business relating to handling live organisms such as pets. They have a duty of care of which they did not execute. That is the only justice you could give to Tyler. May he rest in peace.

  52. Masakit yung news pero we should also ask oursleves, would we really trust people we do not know to look after our pets? He's part of family so parang ipinagkatiwala na rin natin yung anak natin sa taong hindi naman natin kilala. People should stay away from services like this. May risk kasi na magkasakit yung pet kasi iba-iba yung mga nagdadala ng alaga nila sa mga ganitong business. Hindi ko nilalahat pero hindi worth yung risk and besides, grooming is also very fun part of the pet-parent relationship. Still, you deserve justice sa nangyari. Sana magkaroon ng katarungan yung nangyari para hindi na rin mangyari sa iba.

  53. Ipasara na agad agad ang DOG SPA AND HOTEL Sa BF PQUE BRANCH!!! And panagutin ang may Mga kasalanan. I isa na nga lng ang client di pa nila nabgyan ng attention!

  54. For me, this article does not lead me into thinking that the pet salon "intentionally" killed Tyler. They are to blame for his death because of negligence. It is every pet salon's SOP that every dog should be in their cage if not accompanied, instead they left him there in a table wearing a leash.

  55. Lodge a claim for Public Liability insurance maybe, you would know then if their business is in compliance. It's not for the money but action should be taken against the shop. Tyler looks like the replica of Jopay our dog. So sad! I could not take this just by sitting down.

  56. They left the poor dog…on top of a high table…on a leash…for around half an hour…without anyone watching him? And to think that he was the only dog being groomed at that time…Dogs are supposed to be kept in cages immediately after being groomed to prevent such things from happening; if they're not going to be kept in cages, an employee should be tending to them at all times. What kind of management are they implementing here? I don't think this is just the groomer's/one employee's fault. It was said that the receptionist knew that Tyler was barking throughout the whole ordeal, as if asking for help; how come no one came to check back on him? From the looks of it, I don't think that The Dog Spa & Hotel will take responsibility for this; or even if they did, it won't even make up for the demise that they've caused. Because no matter what they do, they would never be able to bring back the life that was lost; all the time and memories shared; and the possible longer life that the Tyler could have had. Shame on The Dog Spa & Hotel for causing this.

  57. Are you kidding me? Handling dogs is their line of business, they should be skilled and competent enough not to get bit. Getting bit by your own source of income is negligence and thus should not be a responsibility of the owners. That's like being an NBA player and suing the NBA when another player inadvertently breaks your ankle in the game.

  58. ang sakit makarinig ng ganitong news.. dahil nangyari na din sakin na maaksidente ang shih tzu ko habang pinapagroom ko sya. It means na ang dami ng nagpapabayang pet clinic and salon na dapat tinutulungan nila ang hayop instead na saktan dahil iyun ang tungkulin nila. kung ako man ang may ari kay Tyler kahit imposibleng mapasara ang business na naging dahilan ng pagkawala ng aso nya siguradong gagawa ako ng aksyon para wag ng maulit pa sa iba ang nangyari… Mahal nga natin ang mga alaga natin kaya natin pinapatingin and then ganun yung mangyayari parang hindi katanggap tanggap… ang sakit parang nararamdaman ko yung nararamdaman ng may ari kay Tyler…dahil ang hayop grabeng magmahal.. KUNG MABUTI TAYONG TAO SANA PAHALAGAHAN NATIN ANG BUHAY NG LAHAT KAHIT BUHAY NG HAYOP SA MUNDO NATIN.

  59. What's more bizzare is that nagiisang customer nila si Tyler pero pinabayaan pa nila. 100%attention dapat lagi binibigay. So ano pala ginagawa ng staff nagchichismisan lang sa labas? Narinig na nga nilang tumatahol si Tyler hindi pa agad pinuntahan

  60. I am so sorry for your lost yes you can take those people to court and let them know rthat tyler is mean alot to U and your family what they did is very wrong here in TheUS they will charge them animal cruelty and neglecensand they will take and revock thair bussenes lisence too so make sure get the justice for you Pet and teach them a lesson and also they go to jail here just fo r killing your Puppy.UR Friend here in S cora

  61. That branch is the absolute worst. They'd extort money from their customers by saying that someone's pet bit them. Don't believe me? Ask the other customers. That's the most common story. This death is just one of many that happened in that branch, which is probably why they probably do not have repeat customers.

  62. i am so devastated to hear about what happened to tyler. this should have been prevented if they are extra careful. so sorry for ur lost. 🙁 i think this dog spa has no right to operate!

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