3 things I learned in Blogopolis 2015

Last Saturday, I attended the Blogopolis with a blank mind and high expectations that I would leave the place with new strategies and tips on how to move forward and be more advanced in handling social media, digital marketing, and brand awareness. Thankfully, there were 3 speakers who stood out and gave really good insights.

1. Ivan Henares: social media is your voice, use it responsibly

He talks about how we can use social media to give the things we care about a voice. He uses social media to help save heritage sites. He uses social media to help people who normally have no voice or say have one and he makes it resound like an echo that reverberates over and over again. He also reminded us that since everyone can now have a voice, everyone needs to use this voice responsibly.

2. Gang Badoy Capati: blogging is living

Miss Capati made quite an impression right from the start. I think amongst all the speakers she was the least pretentious and the most real. She was also the only one who gave this awesome piece of advice: COMPLAIN INTELLIGENTLY. She stated that you can’t just lambast something and not offer a solution or alternative.

While Ivan talks about giving your passion a voice, Miss Capati helps you pinpoint what your passion or cause is. She said that when you are looking for a cause, notice what is the question that you always ask yourself?

She also stated that to be able to blog, you need to LIVE. You need to be at the event, the site where things happen so that you can WRITE. LIVE TO WRITE so that you can WRITE TO LIVE.

3. Jim Paredes: engage your audience

It came as no surprise though that it is Mr. Jim Paredes who gave the best piece of advise that day. Update constantly, stay engaged, and remember that no matter how much you ensure you stay on top of everything for your audience, client, and market, you never forget to stay connected to the people who truly matter to you at the end of the day.

And these are the 3 things that we learned in Blogopolis 2015.

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