4 reasons why your kids should visit the Erceflora Todo Tatag Playground in BGC

Summer is just around the corner and parents are scrambling to find fun and productive ways to keep their kids entertained. Luckily, the Batang Matatag Bus has arrived just in time to give kids an epic day of play with tons of cool learning experiences tucked in. And the best part? It’s all about keeping their tummies healthy!

Here’s why you need to hop on board the Batang Matatag Bus:

1. The Todo Tatag Playground

This playground is like no other! It’s got all sorts of play areas that highlight key information on how a healthy gut supports the overall development of children. Plus, the playground equipment has been turned into exciting learning opportunities for all kids to become strong, healthy, and Batang Matatag!

2. The Todo Tatag Bus

Hop on board the Todo Tatag Bus and learn the Todo Tatag Technique to make washing hands a fun and effective activity. There are also interactive games and photo walls to take fun photos and make cool memories.

3. A Fun-Filled Program

Get ready for an interactive program for the whole family to enjoy together. With fun games, playful mascots, and entertaining hosts, this program will give you a day filled with family fun! Plus, you’ll learn all about Erceflora Kiddie and why kids should be encouraged to use it.

4. Bonding with Tatag Mommies

Erceflora Kiddie brought in the Tatag Mommies Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, Cheska Kramer, and Andi Manzano with host Riza Diaz to talk about creative ways to encourage the whole family to start more healthy habits and learn more about how to raise stronger, healthier kids starting with gut health. With the help of Erceflora Kiddie, kids can absorb more nutrients, activating better immunity against harmful microbes for todo tatag na tiyan para sa todo tatag na katawan.

With so much excitement generated by the Todo Tatag Bus and Playground, BGC was just the first of several other stops for the Batang Matatag Bus throughout the year. But don’t worry, even if you missed the event, you can still help your kids maintain a healthy gut. When you buy Erceflora Kiddie, a portion of the sale will support Batang Matatag—a movement initiated by Save the Children Philippines and Erceflora Kiddie to improve the overall health and nutrition of children in school.

Don’t miss out on this epic summer adventure that will keep your kids healthy and entertained!