6 shows Nadine Lustre loves to watch that you might not have seen or heard about

Multi-talented star Nadine Lustre is an avid movie buff who loves films from different genres-- classics, horror, romantic comedies, musicals, you name it!

Nadine Lustre Samsung Galaxy J6 favorite shows

Given superstar and multi-hyphenate Nadine Lustre’s back to back taping days and projects, she is often running from one engagement to the other. Because of all her activities, she highly values her down time— time that she can spend staying in and bingeing on movies on her Samsung Galaxy J6. The actress has a wide range of tastes in terms of genres, from musicals and romantic dramas to horror and the classics. Here are six of her favorites.

  1. 1 Moulin Rouge (2001, Directed by Baz Luhrmann)

    The romantic musical, which stars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, is at the top of Nadine’s list for many reasons. For one, the classic film set in 1900 France is filled with old world glamour, theatrics, memorable musical numbers, and a great play on sensuality. These are all elements that Nadine adores in films. And it doesn’t hurt that a certain someone is obsessed with the movie.

    “It’s James’ all-time favorite film,” says Nadine. “I’ve watched this five times, but James has seen it even more than me. He knows all the lines and can sing every song.”

  2. 2 By The Sea (2015, Directed by Angelina Jolie)

    Jolie is both the star and director of this romantic drama, which centers around a declining marriage. The couple resorts to a vacation as a last ditch effort of marital salvation. What follows is a series of emotions and experiences as they rediscover each other.

    “This stars Brangelina,” says Nadine. “It’s quite slow, but I love the aesthetics and I loved seeing Angelina in something that isn’t action-packed.” Nadine shares that she was so inspired by this film that its feel set the tone for one of her music videos.

  3. 3 A Ghost Story (2017, Directed by David Lowery)

    The film stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara and allows one to reflect on life, lost love, and the power of moving on. It isn’t an actual ghost film, so there aren’t any cheap tricks or scary antics, save for the thoughts one is left with once the film ends.

    “It’s so sad! One of the leads dies right at the beginning of the film,” says Nadine animatedly. “You have to watch it!”

  4. 4 Some Like It Hot (1959, Directed by Billy Wilder)

    The film is a comedy about two musicians who survive being witnesses to a mob killing. They find themselves in the presence of a singer and performer played by Marilyn Monroe. This is the first film that Nadine has seen of the late bombshell.

    After watching the film, Nadine immediately understood why Marilyn Monroe was labelled the most beautiful woman in the world. “Grabe, in every scene, I would just wait for her to appear again. I’d watch her with amazement. Everything she did is just perfect.”

  5. 5 Sense8 (2015) written by J. Michael Straczynski, Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski

    This Netflix science-fiction drama features eight strangers that have a psychic connection. When Nadine isn’t busy performing, traveling, or memorizing lines on set, she can be found watching this or other films from the streaming service.

    Nadine watches the show with James, and the pair is already addicted. “We’re only at that episode where the blonde girl escapes from the hospital, but it’s super cool, and super gulo!”

  6. 6 A Monster Calls (2016, Directed by J.A. Bayona)

     “Liam Neeson is in this, so what’s not to like?” says Nadine with a smile. “I’m big on adventure movies, and this one has a really nice story to it.”

    The dark fantasy drama that centers around a 12-year old boy and his journey towards understanding and accepting the pains of life, love, and loss. The monster in the film comes to the boy telling him three true stories, and in return, the boy must tell him his own. The stories are imbued with purpose and push the boy to grow. The mother-son relationship in this tale had cinemas in tears, and coincidentally, Nadine too!

    As a movie buff, Nadine values being able to stream her go-to movies and shows in cinema-like quality even while on the go. With its Super AMOLED Infinity Display coupled with the Dolby Atmos Feature, the Samsung Galaxy J6 provides just that for the busy star.

    The Galaxy J6 is available in all Samsung authorized stores nationwide. In celebration of Samsung’s 20th anniversary in the Philippines, the Galaxy J6 is now available at a special price of 9,990 PHP, down from its original price of 13,990 PHP.

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