7 Pinoy spotify podcasts to kickstart your day and brighten your mood

Spotify Originals continue to soothe the ears and hearts of Pinoy listeners on the path towards Zen and self-discovery. Here are five (5) exclusive podcasts to brighten your mood:

1. SUPERHUMAN with Wil Dasovich

SUPERHUMAN with Wil Dasovich remains a front-runner on the charts with inspirational episodes on all things extraordinary, helping listeners navigate their way through personal barriers to live a more free, adventurous, and meaningful life.

2. Charot Readings by Macoy Dubs

Adulting may feel like a chore that everyone dreads, but what better way to find peace amidst growing up than by taking a peek at your “future”? Charot Readings by Macoy Dubs is the perfect fix for anyone’s daily dose of astrology, tarot, and all things charot-able. Who says astrology can’t make your day oh-so-sunny?

3. The Sounds and Stories of the Philippines

Pinoys have found their love for enchanting folktales through Spotify Original The Sounds and Stories of the Philippines, where the comforts of nostalgic, local folklore stories are made even better with an accompaniment of nature sounds and traditional Filipino musical instruments.

4. Yellow Space, Typical Pinoy Crap


Inclusive “Exclusives”

Discover Spotify Exclusives that provide all things inclusive. From mental health conversations to casual life topics, these shows create a safer space for listeners to discover and better understand their well-being. Check out Yellow Space, featuring conversations on mental health and general relationship advice, as well as Typical Pinoy Crap which, as the title suggests, talks about literally anything under the sun – relatable to every NoyPi listener out there.

5. Adulting by Joyce Pring, Pausecast with Hannah Pangilinan

Wellness Wins from Wonder Women

Spotify celebrates International Women’s Month by spotlighting female listeners and creators as part of the year-long celebration, Pinay Power in Audio. Keiko Necesario, March’s featured EQUAL artist; Hannah Pangilinan, host of Spotify Original Pausecast with Hannah Pangilinan; influencer and fitness trainer Hannah Bacani, and In conversation with Joyce Pring highlight the importance of diverse voices in attaining gender equity through their works.

Wellness is one of the topics that remains close to the hearts of many women. Hannah Pangilinan shared her journey in creating her own Spotify wellness podcast, Pausecast with Hannah Pangilinan, which came at the right time for her personally and as a content creator.
“I’m so happy to be a Spotify creator. To be approached by Spotify to host a wellness podcast is such good timing because it was this year that I told myself that I’d be more intentional with being slow, with taking moments for myself. And ever since I started making content I was always “go, go, go!” It reminds me to be an example to people that pausing and not thinking that hustling 24/7 is actually healthy.”
Listen to guided “talk-throughs” and explorative chats with Hannah Pangilinan.