7 Popular Interior Design Styles That Simultaneously Improve Your Home’s Functionality

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Utilizing trends in interior design can add style to your home, but they should work for you. Even if you work with top interior designers in Santa Monica, you may need to speak up about what changes add function as well as form.  If you need inspiration for styles that improve how you use your home, consider these seven ideas.

  1. See the Light

Go for an assortment of lighting options from recessed to table lamps to add drama, brightness, or utility to any room.

  1. Big and Beautiful

Designers recommend several ways to make a small space seem larger, including pale wall paint, mirrors, good storage, and lighting.

  1. Work With What You Have

Any collection you own can be repurposed for other uses. You can frame magazines or arrange antique dinner plates on a wall to enjoy the things you own and add a personal touch without taking up precious storage room.

  1. Slip Into Something

Replacing upholstered furniture can be expensive, and you may not want to if you love the pieces you own. Instead, have slipcovers made to fit your existing furniture for a new look or protection from wear and tear.

  1. Go green.

Plants are always in style. They can add natural color to any room, complement any design style, and help clean your indoor air, which means your greenery is earning its keep.

  1. Soften the Edges

Hardwood, tile, and natural stone flooring can be attractive but cold. Area rugs are an easy way to add color and texture to a room while preventing drafts from blowing across a cold floor.

  1. A Basket Case

Baskets are another way to add easy storage to any room. You can minimize clutter and accent your home with different shapes and styles of baskets.

Once you begin to imagine ways to improve your home’s functionality, you can work with a Malibu interior designer who can incorporate these ideas into a plan or suggest others you may find useful. You can also look online for other ideas and trends you may like for your home.