AlDub tops 10 most viewed YouTube ads in PH

AlDub Maine Mendoza Alden Richards McDonalds video on YouTube
AlDub Maine Mendoza Alden Richards McDonalds video on YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – As usage of smartphone devices grows, so does the consumption of content. More and more brands are moving from traditional to digital when communicating with their target audience. Clearly, digital has changed the game and this presents opportunities for brands to get even more creative with their ideas.

Take video ads, for example. Now that digital has come to play, videos are no longer just viewable on TV but has found an extended home on the internet where it can reach a wider audience by the millions. This made brands create longer storylines and get more personal and real-time feedback from consumers.

Although the power of online videos is undeniable, a more important question is, what type of video content resonates the most with audiences? According to Google Philippines Country Manager Ken Lingan, creating video content and simply sharing it on a video-sharing platform like YouTube do not guarantee views because consumers still have the power to skip ads. What really matters is the quality of the content. “Authentic story, coupled with a complete understanding of consumer passion, is still the key. The platforms may change, but what has not changed is the desire for dialogue and stories. Brands have always been one of the best storytellers and they now have the opportunity to re-fulfill this need,” he said.

To recognize the top-viewed YouTube ads in the Philippines, Google released the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the second half of 2015. It is the first time that all the ads on the Leaderboard are local and because of this, advertisers now know what types of digital content get more attention from Filipino audiences.

Topping the list is McDonald’s Papa Na Kita #ALDUBKoTo ad. McDonald’s Philippines Marketing Director Christina Lao shared that social listening is one way to know what audiences really want. When the famous AlDub tandem became a hit, McDonald’s was one of the first brands to respond to their followers’ request. “We got AlDub because people were sending us a lot of tweets to get them as our brand ambassadors.We listened also because AlDub embodies the values and personalities of the brand.”

Nestle’s Chuckie Buddy commercial, which made it to the third spot on the Leaderboard, highlights the classic Filipino mother-son relationship where the mom takes on the role of both a mother and a friend and ends with an emotional reminder, “Minsan lang sila bata kaya sabayan mo na.”

Ramon Garcia, managing partner at McCann Worldgroup, the creative agency that worked on the Chuckie commercial, emphasized the importance of knowing what the brands stand for. For Chuckie, it’s the concept of “active play” where moms play a major role. This resulted in content that made viewers remember their own mother-child bonding moments.

Andrea Raralio, consumer marketing manager at Nestle Philippines, emphasizes the power of storytelling. “At the end of day, it is the story and the brand that the consumers will remember. It will not be about all the froo froo that comes with the ad.”

Lady’s Choice Maine Mendoza sinurpresa ang pamilya Mendoza ng Laguna! ad has a different take on Filipinos being family-oriented. Although Maine was featured in the video, it is the Filipinos’ love for family reunions that makes the ad relatable.

Eskinol’s Wattpad webisode, landing on the ninth spot, also shows a different way of extending reach via digital. Despite being over five minutes long, the ad caught the attention of the viewers because of its take on teenage love and attraction. Viewers even took their sentiments to the comment box and expressed how they could not wait for the next episode. One viewer even mentioned that it was her first time to finish an ad despite its length.

Ken further highlighted the effectiveness of authentic content and how, when married with the digital platform like YouTube, it can create a powerful impact. According to him, this impact resonates so well that the viewers cannot wait to know what’s next, turning them from mere spectators to actual fans. “YouTube was built by and for fans. If you are able to nurture that fan base, you have an amazing pool of viewers that could be your brand ambassadors.”

Here is the complete list:

# Brand Title (click to play video) Runtime
1 McDonald’s Papa Na Kita #ALDUBKoTo 1:32
2 Bear Brand, Nestle Micronutrient Deficiency Edutainment Video 1:00
3 Chuckie, Nestle CHUCKIE Buddy 1:02
4 Resorts World Manila WOMAN GETS LUCKY IN CINEMA!!! 2:20
5 Tide, P&G Tide AlDub Commercial of Alden and Maine for Tide6! #ALDUBabaTide6 0:52
6 Lady’s Choice, Unilever Maine Mendoza sinurpresa ang pamilya Mendoza ng Laguna! 2:58
7 Jollibee The Voice Kids I Love You Sabado! 1:32
8 Globe Express all your emotions inside and out with GoSurf. 0:30
9 Eskinol, Unilever Eskinol on Wattpad: Face to Face Episode 2 5:40
10 Knorr Philippines, Unilever Asim Kilig #KinikiligKumain MTV 1:01