Alex Gonzaga to shed first tear and cry on Pure Love tonight

Alex Gonzaga to cry on Pure Love
Alex Gonzaga to cry on Pure Love

Diane, Alex Gonzaga’s well-loved character in ABS-CBN’s top-rating series “Pure Love,” will finally have the highly anticipated first tear from someone who truly cares for her tonight (September 9).

Who among the people around Diane will cry because of love for her? How will the body of Ysabel (Yen Santos) be more important now so Diane can accomplish her task?

Meanwhile, because of its compelling story, “Pure Love” recently hit its newest all-time high national TV rating. Based on data from Kantar Media last Thursday (September 4), primetime’s newest sensation garnered a national TV rating of 24.2% or almost double the rating of its rival show on GMA “My BFF” which only scored 12.3%.

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