10 statements of Alma Moreno on becoming a Senator – #1 is too funny to miss

In case you haven’t heard, former Sexy Star Alma Moreno will gamble her secured position as councilor in Paranaque to aspire becoming a Senator of the Philippines in the upcoming 2016 Philippine national elections.

In her interview with Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart, the celebrity turned politician expressed her opinion on the most pressing issues of the country. Here are some of her responses.

10. On her plans for running in senate,

“Hindi ko pinlano tumakbo for senator. Dasal lang talaga.”

9. On her qualification as a senator,

“Siguro yung experience ko bilang LEGISLATION. Councilor ako for 9 years. First lady ako for 9 years.”

8. On her survey ratings,

“Mataas ako sa awareness na Alma Moreno.”

7. On anti-discrimination bill,

“Yes! Discrimination? Oo. Pag discrimination kasi iba-ibang klase, pag sinabihan kang bobo ka, discrimination yon diba?”

6. On Same sex marriage,

“Parang hindi naten matanggap yung pagpapakasal, pero yung ano okay lang …..No. It’s a sin.”

6. On Magna Carta for women,

KAREN: If you won a senate seat what would be your advocacy?
ALMA: Magna carta of women
KAREN: The law exists
ALMA: No, may mga hindi nai-implement…
KAREN: Like what?
ALMA: Teka muna

5. On anti-dynasty bill,

“Okay, saken nga kung maganda ang ginagawa sa bayan. Kasi kung maganda naman bakit mo papalitan, kung papalit naman eh di ganon”

4. On her stand on RH law,

KAREN: Are you for the RH Law?
ALMA: Oo naman
KAREN: Yes in all forms or Yes with reservations?
ALMA: Yes with reservations
KAREN: What are the reservations?
ALMA: Kailangan pa bang sagutin?
KAREN: Of course, you are running for the senate.

3. On her reservations on RH law,

KAREN: What are your reservations?
ALMA: Dapat unahin natin yan

Take 2

KAREN: What are your reservations?

2. On “pills” being one of her reservations on RH law,

KAREN: Ang sabi mo kasi, para ako sa RH Law with reservations. Ang ibig mo sabihin “para ako sa RH Law pero meron sa batas na mga hindi ko gusto” ang tanong ko ano ang mga hindi mo gusto sa RH Law?
ALMA: Teka nawawala ako. ‘Di pa kasi ako napupunta doon. PILLS!

1. On contraceptives,

KAREN: Should the government buy contraceptives* for barangays?
ALMA: Yes, dapat talaga kino-control
KAREN: Paano maco-control?
ALMA: Dapat laging bukas ang ilaw 


The video of the interview received negative feedbacks from netizens saying that she must withdraw her candidacy because of her ignorance on basic issues. She even trended on twitter.

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