This smart device can control your AC

SAN JUAN, Philippines – Ambi Climate, an AI-powered device that can control air conditioners (AC) in smart homes has made its way into the Philippines.

Distributed by Modularity Audio (Mod Audio), it is at its core an Internet-connected IR blaster. With the help of a mobile app, users can “train” the mobile app to learn the optimal AC settings based on the user’s preferences depending on five factors: time of day, weather, humidity, temperature, and sunlight.

The device will then automatically adjust the AC unit’s settings, eliminating the need for manual calibration and potentially delivering up to 30% reduction in energy consumption.

As an IOT (Internet of Things) device, users can control and monitor their AC from remote locations. IFTTT and Amazon Alexa integration enables voice control and the creation of rules and timers.

Ambi Climate is available in the Philippines for P7,995 at Power Mac Center, SMAC, Shopee, and Lazada.