Are You Ready for #TECHtonicPH2017 ?

Techtonic 2017 poster
Techtonic 2017 poster

Touted to be the first of its kind, this coming July 29-30  all roads will lead to SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia for TECHtonic 2017!

PMCM Events Management is excited to stage TECHtonic 2017: Manila Tech Convention with theme, “Culture for the Future.”

With that theme, the 2-day event aims to mirror large tech and innovation startup conferences in neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and HongKong, where several young entrepreneurs are becoming more and more active in putting up startup ventures in diverse fields of technology.

Tech subfields like “fintech” (financial technology), and “edutech” (education technology) have been floating buzz words over the years in the tech startup scene. A good number of entrepreneurs are solving many of world’s current problems through these breakthrough technologies.