Be Captivated by the Waves of Siargao The Movie

Are you a beach “surfing” fan or surfer yourself? Siargao The Movie is your best bet of film for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival starting December 25.
Deviating from his previous serious projects, Direk Paul finally dips his hands into the lighter romance-drama genre with his first travel-themed movie focusing on the story of a woman who is finding, recreating and rebuilding herself in the picturesque island of Siargao.

It was very light. It was very peaceful. I really had the most fun shooting this film out of all my films,” he said.

More than showcasing and promoting the beautiful island and its majestic tourist spots, Direk Paul also aims to create an awareness to match the province’s booming tourism.

Now that we have this voice, we have this media attention, we also want to make sure to create an awareness that let’s take care of Siargao. Let’s take care of the beauty of Siargao, the beauty of the beaches. Let’s respect the locals and let’s not saturate it,” he explained saying that they made sure to interlace their advocacy into the film’s script and their ongoing promotional efforts.