BeLive: Online Financial Education show airs July

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GCash Invest Money

PHILIPPINES – Everybody gets sick and nobody can predict when this will happen, especially during these uncertain times. And no matter what our livelihood is, we all deserve to be protected from the financial burden that comes with getting sick.

While many regular employees may be financially protected because their company perks include medical benefits, there is a growing number of Filipinos who belong to the gig economy, workers who are not employed full-time and not entitled to the usual company benefits. This makes them vulnerable to the financial impact of health risks, which means that they need to make sure they are ready for any emergency situation.

With these workers in the gig economy in mind, AIA Philam Life recently launched BeLive, a six-episode Facebook Live series which aims to educate freelancers on the importance of being protected from life’s common risks (like health and medical concerns) so they can be worry-free when these untoward events happen.

Hosted by Gino Quillamor and AIA Philam Life Head of Products Ten Paras, the online show airs every other Friday from June to August. Each episode features a freelancer who will talk about their personal life experiences that will help fellow freelancers understand the importance of being protected.

The speaker for the next episode is Porshe Caina, a multi-platform artist, musician, entrepreneur, and teacher.

Know more about her story by tuning in on Friday, July 2 at 8:00PM on AIA Philam Life’s Facebook Live.