Burger King Cheesy Face Off Challenge

To herald the coming of its cheesiest, messiest burger ever, Burger King pitted two of its latest ambassador, Sam YG and Joyce Pring, in its most epic challenge yet: the Burger King 4 Cheesiest Messiest Face Off. The winner gets the right to be called Buger King cheesiest, messiest endorser, complete with bragging and hugot rights, online and offline


Sam Gogna or Sam YG as he is better knows as a radio DJ host and television personality. Part of the trio behind Boys Night Out radio program

Joyce Pring is a radio DJ, host and artist. Another member of the Magic 89.9 roster, where her host afternoon radio shows the Rundown and Top 5 @5, she also acted in a number of independent films

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The faceoff  is consist of four different challenges, all revolving around Burger King’s 4 Cheese Whopper: a 100% beef patty, grilled to perfection, then topped with a messy-delicious combination of Swiss, American, and Mozzarella cheese and drizzled with a generous amount of cheese sauce. Not for the prim and fainted of heart, this 100% beefy, 400% cheesy burger proved to be a demanding trial for both contestants, a fitting test for the sticky tension between the two.


The 4 cheesiest Messiest face-off will be the most epic challenge for the endorser so far where in both have accepted

Attendees were given a chance to test the challenge themselves in the undercard round and get to taste the Burger King’s 4 Cheese Whopper