Cassie Byrnes featured in UNIQLO’s newest collection

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO will launch a UT (UNIQLO T-shirt) collection with Cassie Byrnes on June 7, 2021. This will be the first collaboration with the Australia-based print designer known for her abstract exploration of native flora and fauna in vivid primary colors.

Byrnes’ artworks begin with traditional media such as collage, paint and loose ink mark making before blending it with digital practices that amplify the artworks’ original integrity and handwriting.

This UT collection features brand-new patterns specially designed for UNIQLO as well as her signature patterns, applying them on to women’s T-shirts and shorts. The range also features girl’s dresses, making it easy to coordinate looks between mothers and daughters, perfect for summer outings together.

Commenting on the collection, Cassie Byrnes says, “It has been an absolute honour to work with UNIQLO as one of the first Australian artist to work on a worldwide UT collection. The collection includes some of my favourite prints that have been developed throughout my design practice over the past 6 years as well as new prints created specifically for this collaboration.”

She added, “My prints are deeply personal. They each have their own story and have been created during different times in my life. Slowly becoming a journal I share with the world. I take my inspiration for the natural environment around me as well as extensive studies into the prehistoric landscape of Australia when it was part of Gondwana millions of years ago. “