Claritin, the world’s number 1 anti-allergy medicine, now in Reditabs

Claritin, the world’s number 1 anti-allergy medicine continues its plight in fighting common allergies so that we can enjoy life’s adventure both indoors and outdoors.

There many anti-allergy brands that are present the market right no. What makes Claritin the best choice is its heritage and track record for the past 25 years that gives the brand an edge and deeper understanding of the allergy sufferer. Simply put, no one knows how to treat allergies better than Claritin


Facts, myths and other information were also shared during a presscon wherein Ms. Iya Villania discusses her trust at Claritin last July 13, 2016 at Café Naya in Uptown BGC.

Besides being number 1 non drowsy over the counter antihistamine and the number one allergy brand in the world, Claritin also continues to be the pioneer in anti-allergy through its new orally disintegrating format in Claritin REditabs.


Iya shares how allergic she is too many things and Claritin has been a big help and she make sure to trust only the expert and in that case, Claritin.P_20160713_110940

This is the same hope that Claritin has for those who suffer from allergies everyday-to be always ready and able to fulfill the   many roles at home and at work so that we can live life to the fullest, like Iya. Claritin is the brand that knows how to treat allergies better. Trust only the world’s expert in allergy relief, trust only Claritin