Clinica de Beleza Celebrates 10!

Being merry is not just during the “-ber” months, and that is true with Clinica de Beleza. Celebrating their 10th year in the industry, Clinica de Beleza is here to deliver more services aimed to make a person look and feel good.

Holding their anniversary celebration at the Golden Ballroom of Okada Manila, the event was attended by friends, family, employees, celebrities and media people. Themed Black & White, people came in dressed in style and splashes of color to keep it more festive yet still in theme. 

Okada, known for its opulence and style, made sure that all the dishes served were both visually beautiful and a palate delight. Did I mentioned that the drinks were flowing smoothly?


Dr.Cherry Alindog (CEO) giving her welcome talk.

Started in Las Piñas City, they extended out their reach in two key locations in the Metro. They may have been affected by the pandemic but still they continued on and stayed true to their desire of serving clients in ways that is signature Clinica de Beleza ; style, comfort and up-to-date science-base methods aimed to not only satisfy but also proud of the results.

This year, two new treatment methods are being introduced to the public that can be taken as is or in combination – Morpheus PRO and AnteAGE MD. Two treatments that is now a talk worldwide. From celebrities like Kim Kardashian who is known for style and beauty care, expect that both treatment methods are well studied and simply designed to keep one looking young and beautiful. With this said, you can expect a clear setting of expectation on the procedure and results under the hands of Dr. Cherry Alindog (CEO) and Ms.Bianca Ruffino (COO). With staffs well briefed, trained and welcoming expect not just a beautification but also a relaxing moment every time you set an appointment with them.

Celebrating 10
Dr. Cherry Alindog (CEO) and Ms Bianca Ruffino (COO) [center], with celebrity endorsers

As they celebrated their 10th year, the whole event was graced by showbiz personalities and social media influencers. Entertainment was flowing from to the next with small interjection of what to expect this 2024. One will see that this company is not just a group of working individuals but now as a big family.


To 10years and more!

Happy 10th year Clinica de Beleza! To more glorious years of beautification!