Converge ICT Expands Fiber Broadband Partnership with LBC Express

PHILIPPINES – Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (PSE:CNVRG), a leading provider of fiber broadband services in the Philippines, has extended its partnership with LBC Express Incorporated, the country’s prominent courier service provider. The agreement aims to further strengthen LBC’s operations across the nation as it aggressively expands its services.

The collaboration between Converge and LBC commenced in 2015, initially focusing on providing fiber broadband connectivity to LBC’s head office and primary operational hub. Encouraged by the reliability and efficiency of Converge’s services, LBC expanded the partnership, leveraging Converge’s connectivity for its additional warehouses and branches. Presently, Converge powers nearly 40% of LBC’s extensive network, spanning over 1500 branches nationwide.

Alexander Francis Deato, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of LBC Express Inc., expressed satisfaction with the long-standing partnership, citing Converge’s consistent support in expanding LBC’s network with reliable, full-fiber connectivity. This support, Deato noted, has been instrumental in ensuring quality service to Filipinos, both in urban centers and remote regions of the Philippines.

The renewed alliance between Converge and LBC aligns with the growing demand for fast, secure, and reliable connectivity required by LBC to fortify its operations in transport, logistics, and remittance services during its expansion initiatives. As Converge continues to expand its pure fiber network and infrastructure, LBC aims to leverage this development to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Jesus C. Romero, Converge’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, emphasized the enduring partnership’s shared objective of serving Filipinos globally, especially those in underserved regions. Romero highlighted Converge’s commitment to digitally transform LBC’s operations, enhancing their competitive edge and customer service capabilities amidst business growth.

The formal renewal of the agreement took place at LBC Express Inc.’s head office in Pasay City, attended by key executives from both organizations.

Converge ICT has been steadfast in delivering secure, flexible, and enterprise-grade fiber solutions to businesses, ensuring operational efficiency for companies like LBC Express Incorporated.