WATCH: New sci-fi game Den of Wolves trailer will leave you wanting more

10 Chambers, the Swedish game development studio known for titles like PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2, unveiled their latest project – a co-op heist game named Den of Wolves. The announcement, made during the Game Awards with a mind-bending trailer, introduces players to Midway City, an unregulated metropolis in the North Pacific Ocean.

Unlike traditional bank robbery themes seen in their previous works, Den of Wolves delves into a techno-thriller theme, promising a broader range of heisting experiences. Game director Ulf Andersson emphasized, “The sci-fi aspect allows us to explore various elements, from corporate espionage to sabotage and assassinations, expanding the boundaries of traditional heist narratives.”

The game, in pre-production for over two years, emphasizes extensive world-building and narrative development. Midway City, born from the chaos caused by a hacking AI, is now ruled by corporations, reflecting a dystopian future marked by rampant late-stage capitalism. Players inhabit the city’s underground domains, navigating a world without identity or official papers, aiming to climb the criminal ladder in the black market of gig jobs.

Den of Wolves is slated for an Early Access release on PC via Steam, with plans for future console compatibility. However, no specific release date has been disclosed yet.

The game aims to offer a distinctive heist experience in a vividly crafted near-future setting, where players explore a world shaped by corporate dominance and technological upheaval.