Drip Coffee Anytime Anywhere from Mister Donut

Whoever thought of the drip coffee idea is a genuis! And a lot of coffee drinkers are definitely thankful for it. ☺☺ Our friends from Mister Donut have got very good news to all you coffee lovers…
Drip Coffee CGINothing brings people and conversation together the way coffee does. When we think of a really nice, long heartfelt chat with an old friend, we think of spending hours of quality time over coffee. In this ultra modern world were internet and technology have dominated our lives, the times when we get to really bond and be personal with people who are special to us are treasured now more than ever. Coffee has become iconic, and has played a big part in this generation’s most treasured moments, hence the proliferation of a whole gamut of café’s and posh coffee shops.

Mister Donut recognizes our longing to connect personally, have fun, and to cherish relationships over freshly brewed coffee. And we should not be limited to a commercial setting. Coffee moments could be anywhere; at the beach under the moonlight, at a picnic with children laughing and romping about, at a college dorm on thesis night, or just at your own living room, in front of the TV on a rainy afternoon.

Known for its world-famous brewed coffee, Mister Donut is now allowing us to enjoy and savor the best of coffee bonding moments anywhere, anytime with the Drip Coffee.
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It is basically Mister Donut dark roast ground coffee individually packed in filtered sachet. To make the perfect brew, one just needs a coffee mug, Mister Donut Drip Sachet, and freshly boiled water.

Here are the simply steps to follow:
Tear open the packaging.
Open the drip coffee sachet and get the drip coffee filter bag.
Carefully tear along the dotted lines to open the top part of the drip coffee filter bag.
Spread the hangers and place onto the coffee mug rim.
Slowly pour hot water on the ground coffee.  Wait for the water to pass through the filter before pouring hot water again.
Continue pouring hot water until water in the mug already touches the lower tip of the drip bag. Stop pouring water.
Drain the water in the coffee filter by lifting the hangers and let all the water pass through.
Discard coffee filter bag after use.
Enjoy your hot and fresh Mister Donut Drip Coffee.

The Drip Coffee is available at selected Mister Donut stores for only P30 per sachet. So those aromatic coffee moments we so deserve are now just a sip away, and we can easily share anytime, anywhere.

I can’t wait to sample this also at my favorite Mister Donut outlet moreso excited to try this at home as well with family.  Kudos for this cool drip coffee idea, Mister Donut! ☺☺