Duterte accuses Sen. de Lima ‘immoral’, ‘adulterer’

Though President Rodrigo Duterte did not drop the name of the female senator who she tagged as “immoral” and “adulterer”, netizens speculate that the tough talking leader is allegedly pertaining to Senator Leila de Lima, who is a critic of his anti-drug campaign.

Based on press reports, Duterte on Wednesday called out in his speech a senator for being an “immoral woman” for having an affair with her driver who allegedly collected money for her during the election campaign.

In his speech at the 115th police service anniversary at Camp Crame, Duterte lambasted the female senator, whom he did not identify, for heavily criticizing the government in its anti-drug campaign that resulted to many deaths.

“Here’s a senator complaining. One day I will tell you that her driver himself, who was a lover, was the one collecting money for her during the campaign,” said Duterte.

“An immoral woman, insofar as the driver’s wife is concerned, it’s adultery,” he continued.

“Here’s a woman who funded a house of a lover and yet we don’t say any complain about it,” the President added.

But Duterte later clarified that he was unsure whether the driver was giving the money he was collecting from unscrupulous individuals to the senator.

“But in fairness, I would never say [clearly] that the driver gave (the money) to her but by the looks of it, she has it,” he said.