Easy Franchise’s #FranchiseDay is back, offering exciting discounts and great deals for aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs

Easy Franchise, the Philippines’ first go-to platform for franchising that connects franchisors to franchisees across the globe, is bringing back the first and only franchise sale in the Philippines. The annual Franchise Day happens on August 28 of every year.

Dubbed “Franchise Day 8.28,” Easy Franchise makes franchising more accessible to Filipinos by offering exclusive promos, discounts, deals, and services, as well as P5,000 off on any Franchise Day partner for the first 10 to invest during the one-day online franchise sale.

Interested entrepreneurs can get their own food and beverage franchise with P40,000 up to P100,000 franchise fee discount from local partner brands like Chops To Go, Estings Bellychon, Persia Grill, 0402 Cafe, and Tapsulit.

Franchisees can also enjoy promos and discounts as early as now on Easy Franchise’s website.

Specialty drink shop Cha Tuk Chak currently offers a P276,000 franchise fee discount and will provide P100,000 worth of free milk tea bar and equipment exclusive on Franchise Day.

International brand JoyBean Global now has a P100,000 franchise fee discount with P40,000 worth of free supplies and will offer an additional P100,000 off their franchising fee on Franchise Day. Meanwhile, H2O MineralPlus is offering water refilling franchises at up to P250,000 off and will provide free auto refilling dispensers worth P72,000 on Franchise Day 8.28.

Launched in February 2019, Easy Franchise has been helping interested franchisees to choose the right franchise or package that fits their needs. It was founded by Jose Magsaysay, Former CEO and co-founder of Potato Corner, the Philippines’ most successful franchise brand, along with serial entrepreneurs RJ Ledesma and Bubbles Lim.

“Technology has a major impact on closing gaps in a variety of industries, including franchising. We are creating a digital bridge through Easy Franchise that will enable Filipino migrants and OFWs to join in the franchise sector,” Co-Founder Joe Magsaysay Jr. said.

“We wanted to create something that could bridge the gap between the franchisor and the franchisee’s needs. A platform for all things franchising, Easy Franchise enables every aspiring Filipino to become an entrepreneur,” Co-Founder RJ Ledesma said.

Franchise Day is not only about the promos and deals, Lim said that it is also a learning-filled event packed with successful stories, as well as expert insights. They have put together educational contents and activities that will set the attendees up for success even prior to the actual event.

Easy Franchise provides an innovative and customer-centric solution for both stakeholders, from assisting with the application process, franchise management and development, all the way to organizing franchise events.

“Owning a franchise is beneficial because it is not only self-sufficient but also time-conservative. With Easy Franchise’s next launch, entrepreneurs can now invest their money in good faith,” General Manager Bubbles Lim said.

Easy Franchise will also launch its Easy Franchise Funding service, which provides non-collateral franchising loans. Franchisees can invest in a partially financed franchise that would already come with franchise management.

Aside from this, Easy Franchise plans to set their Micro Franchising Service in motion soon, a more convenient and conservative version of starting a business. This service targets what they call “The Starter Investor,” or passion-centric, investment-aware, financially-savvy, and techie entrepreneurs.

Easy Franchice’s Micro Franchising structures deals from a list of concepts already curated by their team. The management team focuses on operating every branch through its own micro franchising model.

Easy Franchise is giving free consultations until August 28. Interested franchisees can go to www.EasyFranchise.com to check out the franchise that suits their needs.