Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes signs partnership deal with Mansion Sports

Mansion Sports, a leading private equity firm based in the UK, specializing in investments across sports facilities, sports news portals, and sports entertainment, has announced its partnership with billiards icon Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, coinciding with the launch of Mansion Sports Billiards, an eCommerce platform catering to global billiards enthusiasts. This strategic move underscores Mansion Sports’ commitment to elevating the billiards experience worldwide.

The partnership encompasses a series of events and tournaments showcasing high-level billiards play, as well as projects aimed at fostering a deeper connection with the sport’s enthusiasts. With Reyes’s involvement, these initiatives are poised to deliver thrilling matches and dynamic gameplay, leaving a lasting impact on the billiards community.

To kickoff the partnership, Mansion Sports unveiled Mansion Sports Billiards, an eCommerce site offering premium billiard products globally. Featuring high-quality cues, stylish tables, and top-notch accessories, the platform aims to enhance enthusiasts’ playing experience. Initially rolling out in Vietnam, Mansion Sports Billiards plans for global expansion.

Reyes, renowned for his  exceptional skill and long-standing dominance in billiards, joins Mansion Sports as Brand Ambassador. This partnership will leverage Reyes’s stature in the billiards community to bolster Mansion Sports’ presence through various events and initiatives.

“We are honored to have Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes as a Mansion Sports Brand Ambassador and are excited to work together to bring the sport of billiards to new heights. said Denis Keet, Managing Director of Mansion Sports.

“We believe that Reyes brings decades of experience and a storied career to the partnership. His achievements have not only earned him numerous titles and awards but also a substantial fan base and respect within the sports community,” Keet added.

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