Ellen Adarna denies sex video, dislikes marriage, wants baby

Ellen Adarna photo by bench
Ellen Adarna photo by bench

MANILA, Philippines – Sexy actress Ellen Adarna has denied the existence of a sex video.

In an interview with PEP at the Ginebra San Miguel 2015 calendar launch on Thursday, the 26 year-old model said that she was certain no sex video with her ex-boyfriend exists.

“Wala… sana lumabas na ‘yan matagal na. Wala. Wala po [None… it (sex video) would have come out a long time ago. None. There is none],” says Ellen, adding that “If meron po, matagal na ‘yan [bali-balita] at saka patay ako talaga. Hindi ako magpapakita [If there were, it would have been out on the news a long time ago and I would really be dead. I would go into hiding.]”.

Ellen Adarna on leaked nude photos: “At least I was flawless”

One month ago, nude photos of Ellen Adarna from a photoshoot with Esquire leaked online, which Adarna laughs off. In the same interview Ellen tells PEP:

“In fairness, walang Photoshop yun [In fairness, no Photoshop was used], at least flawless. ”

“So, okay na, at least hindi siya yung banyo [it’s not a cheap toilet shot] nude selfie. I mean, it was professionally taken.”

Haunted and traumatized by the past

The young Ellen admitted that she was engaged in the past. The relationship was so abusive that it left her traumatized and disliking marriage.

“Kasi I was engaged once, okay, fine. It was an abusive relationship… I was traumatized. So, after that, I don’t want to get married na,” says Adarna.

She adds that her dad does not want her to to get married, which has affected her perception of marriage. Despite this, she still wants to have a baby.

“Because my dad don’t want me to get married. And in my head, I was, ‘Okay, hindi na lang ako magpapakasal [I will not get married anymore]. I just want to have a baby,” explains Ellen.

TV commercial banned for being too sexy

Earlier this year, a video commercial featuring Ellen Adarna was uploaded to YouTube. It was meant to be a television commercial for a coffee brand, but was banned for its sexual and suggestive content.