Ericsson names Daniel Ode Head of Singapore, Philippines, and Brunei operations

MANILA, Philippines – In a significant development for the telecommunications sector, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today announced the appointment of Daniel Ode as Head of Ericsson for Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines, and Head of Global Customer Unit (GCU) Singtel Group in Market Area Southeast Asia, Oceania & India (MOAI). This news, provided to our publication through an official press release, underscores a strategic move by Ericsson in strengthening its leadership in these key Asian markets.

Daniel Ode, a seasoned veteran in the telecom industry with over 17 years at Ericsson, steps into this pivotal role with a rich background in managing operations and strategic partnerships. His prior experience includes roles such as Acting Head of Customer Unit Northern and Central Europe, and Head of GCU Telia Company. Ode’s extensive experience in the Nordics and Baltics regions, where he spearheaded business and operations for Telia Company, positions him uniquely for this new challenge.

Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Ericsson Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, expressed confidence in Ode’s ability to drive the company’s agenda in these markets. “Singapore, a leader in mobile connectivity and digital transformation, will greatly benefit from Daniel’s leadership. His deep understanding of the telecom landscape and commitment to technological advancement will play a crucial role in our partnership with service providers in Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines,” said Mirtillo.

Ode, on his part, is eager to embrace his new responsibilities. “Leading our talented teams in Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines, and driving 5G development in these markets, is an exciting opportunity. We aim to leverage Ericsson’s technological prowess to boost economic growth and technological advancement in these regions,” Ode commented.

With an educational background including a Master of Science from Chalmers University of Technology, and a diverse professional journey that spans various senior managerial positions at Ericsson, Ode’s appointment is seen as a strategic move. His experience as Country Manager for Ericsson Peru and Key Account Manager for Telefonica, coupled with his entrepreneurial background, provides him with a unique perspective to lead in these dynamic markets.

This appointment marks a significant step for Ericsson in reinforcing its leadership and commitment to driving digital transformation and 5G development in Southeast Asia. Daniel Ode’s leadership is expected to herald a new era of innovation and growth for Ericsson in Singapore, the Philippines, and Brunei.