Fantastic Four 2015 movie [review]

fantastic four 2015 review
fantastic four 2015 review

100 subscribers of GMovies were treated yesterday by Globe to a special blocked screening of Fantastic 4.

Where before people were asked to come in wearing a specific color shirt, this time around, you just had to show that you had the GMovies app as well as Viber and you’re good to go.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to watch the film and bring a friend with me.

We got there at 825pm and lo and behold, gates opened exactly 830pm. I was pretty happy about it because it showed that we would be starting on time so yey for that.

The movie however was so-so at most.

The actors were all good. They managed to pull off their characters but the execution of the story left me feeling “eh? That was it?”

The story was dragging at some points and the build up of the characters were a little off.

There was a character that you would think would be the bad one and it turns out, he wasn’t.

I just felt that it was poorly written which makes it such a waste of good material.

Thankfully, this is not the last movie night from GMovies.

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