VIRAL: Father hand-carries baby while driving pedicab

Not all mothers are mothers, sometimes, fathers could be mothers as well.

This was proven by a Pedicab driver, a father who was driving his sidecar whole handcarries his baby.

In the Facebook post of Howie King Howard Ponce, he narrated how he was deeply moved by the gesture of the father who chose to work hard for his child.

This pedicab driver from Pureza, Sta. Mesa really moved my heart. I asked him where is the mother of his child and then he told me that his wife has a work so he needs to take care of their baby while fulfilling his duty as a pedicab driver. Contrary to the beliefs portray in Philippine popular media that most public transport drivers are “maton,” “macho,” and “matapang,” this man breaks those preconceptions by showing this motherly image. I salute you, Kuya! You prove us that anyone can be a mother. Advance happy mother’s day, Kuya

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To all parents out there, Happy Mother’s day!