‘The Final Pitch’ Host John Aguilar Extends Public Invitation to ‘Methods to Greatness’ Book and Docuseries Launch, Revealing Pathways to Success by Asian Icons

John Aguilar, a serial entrepreneur and host of the business reality TV show “The Final Pitch,” is inviting the public to the Philippine launch of his latest book titled “Methods to Greatness: Lessons of the Mind, Body, and Soul from Asia’s Top Entrepreneurs, Athletes and Icons.” The book launch event coincides with the press conference of the upcoming docuseries “Methods to Greatness,” slated to air on CNN Philippines.

Presented by Maxicare and in collaboration with National Bookstore and Shangri-La Plaza, this event is scheduled for August 22, 2023, at 3:00 pm, and will be held at the East Wing Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City.

Aguilar initially embarked on his pursuit of knowledge and inspiration through his pandemic-born podcast, “Methods to Greatness,” where he engaged in insightful conversations with renowned Asian personalities, delving into the mindset, habits, and methods that have propelled them to triumph in their professional and personal lives. The immediate effects of his podcast on his own life fueled the creation of both the book and forthcoming docuseries.

“Methods to Greatness” delves deep into the approaches, strategies, and principles that can guide individuals toward achieving greatness in various aspects of life. The book features interviews with notable Filipino entrepreneurs and icons, including ONE Championship Heavyweight Champion Brandon Vera, Toby Claudio of Toby’s Sports and RUNNR, Coach Chot Reyes of Gilas Pilipinas, Jose Magsaysay Jr. of Potato Corner, Olympian pole vault champion EJ Obiena, Nameeta Mahtani Dargani of The Art of Living Philippines, Dennis Anthony Uy of Converge ICT, and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Published internationally by the world’s leading publishing company Penguin Random House SEA, the book presents inspiring anecdotes alongside Aguilar’s thoughtful reflections, equipping readers of all backgrounds and ages with practical tools to enhance their overall well-being and thrive in their endeavors.

“Everyone’s journey is personal and diverse. Through this book, I hope that people will not only learn the methods but also discover their unique paths toward greatness, be it in physical or mental well-being or in shaping their visions for the future. My aspiration for this book is to serve as a guide, inspiring action toward continuous self-improvement and encouraging individuals to dream bigger than their current reality,” Aguilar said.

As the founder of StreetPark Productions Inc., an independent TV production company, Aguilar acknowledges that the “Methods to Greatness” docuseries will mark the next phase in his pursuit of discovering greatness in individuals and organizations from whom he seeks continuous learning.

Aguilar envisions the docuseries as an avenue to enrich the audience’s mind, body, and soul by documenting novel experiences and business ventures he and his team will pursue, and partnerships that align with his mission. The series will also capture his preparations as a member of the national team for the 22nd Asia Masters Athletics Championships, and his global collaborations with governments, organizations, and individuals to explore profound life questions. Presented by Maxicare and with support from partners like Toby’s Sports / RUNNR, Life Science, Fixilab, DJI Makati, Nutrition Depot, and other collaborators such as health and fitness professionals, the series will extend its scope to encompass partnerships in the domains of health, wellness, and travel.

Describing the book and docuseries as a practical “blueprint” for individuals facing challenges in various facets of life, Aguilar emphasizes the shared struggles, insecurities, and setbacks that entrepreneurs, athletes, and icons have harnessed to elevate their lives. These narratives serve as an inspiring call for individuals to embark on their unique paths to greatness.

According to Aguilar, “In delving into this book and the upcoming docuseries, we are given a moment to ponder the ‘what-ifs’ within our lives. It teaches us to cherish our achievements and setbacks alike, understanding that each step, whether a success or stumble, shapes our own unique paths to greatness.”

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