Foreigner hears Pinoy family praying at a restaurant, you won’t believe what happens next!

generous foreigner pays for family's meal after overhearing prayer
generous foreigner pays for family's meal after overhearing prayer

How many of you pray before eating – even while in public? How many of you think that it is totally unnecessary, and wish you could get over it right away so you can start eating?

If you are one of those people, here’s a story that Karl Alain Arante posted on Facebook:

When this Filipino family was having dinner at a restaurant, they were having trouble ordering because of the cost. However, they remained faithful and the wife led a prayer for their food when it was served.

Because there were many of them in the table, she had to make her voice louder to be heard all the way to the other end. The result: a foreigner couple seated at the another table overheard them, and the prayer left a really good impression.

It was a long and sincere prayer of thanks that by the end of the prayer they were already hungry, but they received the shock of their life when the bill arrived – the bill had already been paid for by the foreigners!

Facebook post by Karl Alain Arante
Facebook post by Karl Alain Arante

Read on for the full text:

GOD BLESSED OUR DINNER TONIGHT!!!! We were so happy for a free dinner..

Me, my wife and my mom were deciding so hard on wat to order on meals from the menu so we could save.. Ang dami kasi namin.. And suddenly came up with a meal that would let us save for about 500 pesos.. When our orders were served on the table, we asked my wife to lead the prayer aloud so the persons from the other edge of the table could hear the prayer..

My wife thanked God for a lot of things na napahaba yung prayer nya.. I was thinking, gutom na ako!!! Ok na yan!!! And after she prayed, i told her, “why is it too long??” With a joke tone.. Haha my wife just answered “i was just thankful”.. Then we continued and enjoyed the meal.. When i saw a man (foreigner) going to 1 of the supervisor near the cashier and i said to my wife, mag babayad xa bakit sya talaga yung pumunta sa cashier?? My wife just answered, baka hindi sya pinapansin ng waiter.. When the man came back to his table, i realized, the waiters and supervisors were smiling sabay tingin samin habang kumakain.. And i just said na parang weird yata to ah.. Both foreigners already leave their table behind us habang kumakain pa kmi.. And all the staff from the restaurant were thanking them so hard with a big smile (not a regular thank you).. Weird na talaga..

After we ate, my mom asked the waiter for the bill, the waiter whispered that our bill were already paid by the two foreigners behind us leaving a message, ” ROMANS 1:16 “THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING ASHAMED OF YOUR FAITH” My mom quickly said, “THANK YOU LORD”.. HUMANITY restored by God.. God bless those two people.. We were truly inspired!!!

I will never ever complain for a long prayer.. That was a joke though, haha..

PRAY as loud as we can so people could hear and be inspired.. Thank you.

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  1. The Bible does not contradict itself. Romans 1:16 is saying to be faithful and be not ashamed of the Gospel. Matthew 6:6 is teaching how to pray properly and not being boastful or righteous. Read Matthew 6:1-8 to get the whole context. Not just point out one verse. To pray aloud with thanks for the grace and blessings together with your love ones is not being hipocrite or boastful. Even Jesus prays aloud Himself. Read John 17:1-25. Also read Philippians 4:5-7 and Hebrews 10:24-25

  2. The story was lovely and amusing. But your comment is not. If you weren't with them, then all you have are just opinions, almost similar to what I originally posted. Only, I smiled to note that what happened was contrary to a passage. Whereas, you began by saying that I should think deeper. If you failed to see the irony and found that amusing, I wouldn't be surprised if you washed your hands after "just saying" "God bless".

    If you understand it now, congratulations! If not, think deeper.

    And whether you were with them or not, check the last sentence of the post and ask yourself if the reason she promotes praying is consistent with any passage or teaching that you know.

  3. So di ka na po magpepray kapag kumakain ka sa labas? Think deeper po. They don't have any idea na ganyan ang magiging result.. the purpose for praying aloud is para marinig ng ibang kasama nila since long table sila.. they are just thankful sa buhay nila.. ang consideration siguro po sa verses na nashare sa comment is kung talaga ang intensyon mo is to impress others yung just for them to see na nagpepray ka. Pero in this case hindi siguro applicable yun. Yung prayers din po na paulit ulit e gaya nung mga scripted prayers na.. yung may pattern but I believe hindi ganun yung naging prayer ng family na yan.. wag din sigurong masyadong literal na dahil sinabi na long prayer is applicable na sya sa verses. mali lang po siguro yung mga nagamit na words pero kung titignan naman ang intensyon sapalagay ko okay naman po. hehe. just saying din po. Encourage one another lang and free yourself sa usap usapan. God Bless!

  4. Mateo 6: 5At pagka kayo ay nagsisidalangin, ay huwag kayong gaya ng mga mapagpaimbabaw: sapagka't iniibig nila ang magsidalangin ng patayo sa mga sinagoga at sa mga likuang daan, upang sila'y mangakita ng mga tao. Katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, Tinanggap na nila ang sa kanila'y ganti. 6Datapuwa't ikaw, pagka ikaw ay mananalangin, pumasok ka sa iyong silid, at kung mailapat mo na ang iyong pinto, ay manalangin ka sa iyong Ama na nasa lihim, at ang iyong Ama na nakakikita sa lihim ay gagantihin ka.

    7At sa pananalangin ninyo ay huwag ninyong gamitin ang walang kabuluhang paulitulit, na gaya ng ginagawa ng mga Gentil: sapagka't iniisip nilang dahil sa kanilang maraming kasasalita ay didinggin sila. 8Huwag nga kayong magsigaya sa kanila: sapagka't talastas ng inyong Ama ang mga bagay na inyong kinakailangan, bago ninyo hingin sa kaniya.