Get More Care With Every Pahid With the Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion and Deo

Selecting one’s personal care has us spoiled for choice these days: there are so many options, and all with different benefits, but which ones are truly effective and will actually give us value for money? NIVEA says, you don’t have to choose. With NIVEA Extra Whitening Lotion and Extra Whitening Deo, your daily body routine is just about to get you more care with every pahid. 

We’re so used to seeing whitening body lotions on the shelves, but because we’re smarter with our beauty now, we have some questions as we shop, like: what makes this actually work? Am I going to stay fair when I leave the house or get exposed to the sun? And most of all, how much of these actually give your skin the care it needs and deserves? Enter NIVEA Extra Whitening Body Lotion works 3x harder than other body lotions to get you extra #HealthyCaredForSkin beyond just your typical whitening lotion.

Its Deep White Essence is a brightening blend of ingredients including 95% pure Vitamin C that is specially made to target radiance and lightness in Asian skin and works deep within the skin’s layers. Meanwhile, the Super Skin Food complex unique to NIVEA Body lotions nourish your skin with Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry. These are superfruits with high levels of skin vitamins that let your skin fully absorb all that whitening and nourishing goodness, making it 50x more effective.

Best of all, this formula makes sure you effectively keep that fair, nourished, and cared-for feel by protecting your skin from harmful UV rays with its UVA and UVB filters. The NIVEA Extra Whitening Body Lotion packs a powerfully caring and repairing punch for your skin with ingredients that give you firmer skin within 14 days, repair 10 signs of damaged and dull skin, and leave you noticeably more radiant with 7 days of regular use. And, with the NIVEA Extra Whitening Body Lotion, you can smooth on as much as 10 layers, absorbing all that Triple Care Action benefits, all with a featherlight skin feel and naturally skin-compatible ingredients.

Shopping for our body care has become harder, not because there aren’t any good options — but because there’s just too many good enough choices. Selecting our deo, specifically, is not any easier. There are so many options but where is that one perfect deo that gets us all we need in one product? You can find one that can keep the pits real smooth, but the lightening effect is so-so, and underarm confidence is essential. Another can keep you fresh and smelling great all day, but don’t keep the dark spots at bay.

Worse, some are too fragrant and too chemically potent, they actually are the irritants that darken your underarm skin. You may find one that’s gentle enough to keep you away from irritation and pigmentation, but it wouldn’t be strong enough to keep you protected from sweat and odor at the end of the day. As women who do it all, is it too much to ask for a deo that does it all as well? NIVEA Extra Whitening Deo is the answer for you.

Everything that gives you cared-for underarms can be found in one skin-loving deo that protects you from sweat and odor for as long as 48 hours, gives you that healthy white without the irritation or itching, plus rejuvenates so you get baby soft and smooth underarm skin. Fresh, fair, and protected armpits? We got you. We know you go extra all day, every day, so NIVEA Extra Whitening Deo will #GoExtraForYourUnderarms. 

Our body care choices should get us more value for money while delivering the best results whether it’s whitening, nourishment, or protection – or even all. NIVEA Extra Whitening Body Lotion and Deo gets you all the benefits you need with every application. Choose NIVEA for more care with every pahid.