Globe Roam Surf4All: Affordable shared data roaming for group travelers

PHILIPPINES – Globe, a leading telecommunications provider, has unveiled Roam Surf4All, a pioneering service designed to revolutionize data roaming for group travelers. With the holiday season approaching, this innovative offering aims to cater to the needs of budget-conscious families and friend groups embarking on overseas adventures.

Roam Surf4All is set to bring unparalleled convenience and affordability to international trips, providing shared connectivity across over 100 countries. One of its standout features is the ability to offer shared connectivity among multiple users without the constraint of staying in close proximity, a departure from the limitations of pocket WiFi usage.

Users can revel in up to 5G speeds that remain consistent even with increased data usage or the addition of more group members. The service emphasizes cost-effectiveness, starting at PHP 73.00 per person per day for up to 15 days, with no additional charges for security deposits, courier, or insurance fees.

Managing group connectivity and monitoring data usage is streamlined through the GlobeOne app. Users can effortlessly add up to four members to their travel group and monitor real-time data usage, regardless of whether they are Globe Platinum, Postpaid, Prepaid, or TM customers.

Roam Surf4All offers three tailored packages to accommodate diverse travel durations and data needs:

  1. Roam Surf4All 2599: 5GB for 5 days (Php 104 per person per day)
  2. Roam Surf4All 5499: 10GB for 15 days (Php 73 per person per day)
  3. Roam Surf4All 7499: 15GB for 30 days (Coming soon at Php 50 per person per day)

Coco Domingo, Vice President of Postpaid and International Business at Globe, expressed excitement about Roam Surf4All, highlighting it as a groundbreaking shared roaming service aimed at providing customers with convenience and reasonable rates, ultimately enhancing their travel experiences.

Registration for Roam Surf4All is simple through the GlobeOne app. Once registered, users can easily manage their data and add up to four Globe/TM members to their group.

To join Roam Surf4All:

  • Access GlobeOne
  • Click Buy Promos
  • Navigate to More Promos Abroad
  • Choose the preferred Roam Surf4All promo

Members can be added effortlessly through the group data dashboard, either by selecting from the contact list or manual entry.

It’s important to note that the validity of Roam Surf4All starts upon registration, allowing members to activate Mobile Data and Data Roaming upon arrival abroad.

Globe encourages travelers to let Roam Surf4All enhance their holiday experiences, offering seamless connectivity and shared memories during their journeys.