Goodbye Toni Gonzaga, hello Cacai Bautista

Cacai Bautista replaces Toni Gonzaga in Home Sweetie Home
Cacai Bautista replaces Toni Gonzaga in Home Sweetie Home

MANILA, Philippines – Who would have thought that our favorite multimedia star will experience getting replaced? Toni Gonzaga who plays Julie in the popular comedy sitcom “Home Sweetie Home” gets replaced by comedy actress Cacai Bautista.

One the next episode of “Home Sweetie Home,” Jayjay (Jayson Gainza) introduced to Julie (Toni Gonzaga) the new girl of his dreams, Jasmine (Cacai Bautista), who he claims to have replaced Julie in his heart. Viewers will be expecting a brewing issue as Julie attempts to tell Jayjay her doubts on Jasmine’s intentions.

Meanwhile, For Saturday’s episode, Romeo will meet Mr. Romulo (Lou Veloso), a prospective client for Soo Agency and an owner of a factory in Naga. However, Mr. Romulo becomes a victim to a holdup incident before he and Romeo could meet. Mr. Romulo’s disheveled appearance made him ‘unrecognizable’ to Ed and Paeng who judged his appearance, thus placing the potential addition to Soo Agency’s client list in troubled waters.

Will Julie be able to tell Jayjay her doubts regarding Jasmine? How will Jayjay react to Julie’s behavior? Can Romeo convince the company’s potential client from backing out?

Find out on “Home Sweetie Home” this November 8 (Saturday) on ABS-CBN at 6:00 pm and catch your favorite actors Phillip Salvador, Ogie Diaz, Bearwin Meily, Wally Waley, Christine Co, Nikki Bagaporo, Kristel Fulgar, and Jon Lucas appear as guest stars!

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