The Great Alpine Highway- Travel Guide

Travelling New Zealand with a car or a campervan is a very great idea. Through a car or a campervan, you can easily explore those areas which are usually difficult to reach with the local transportation facilities.

Many backpackers, tourists or travellers prefer travelling this way. Because, they will get a chance to meet and interact with the locals or get an opportunity to travel with them.

If you’re in a car, you must drive your vehicle along the New Zealand’s Great Alpine Highway. The highway has some amazing, spectacular views and an adventurous ride to offer. This highway is situated in the Canterbury region. Surrounding with a great mountainous view and the beautiful road, you will get a magnificent driving experience along the way.


Christchurch is located on the east coast of the South Islands. It is the largest city of the South Islands. It is renowned for its English heritage. It is near to the Avon river. On the banks of the Avon River, there are cycle paths. You can enjoy cycling on these tracks while seeing the magnificent views of the mountains and the crystal-clear river.

You can also visit the Port Hills for an exciting bike ride, or visit the old English-inspired gardens and bars to name a few. You can also head over to the summer beach to make your journey a memorable one.

Along the way, you will also come across the Sheffield Pie Shop. Sheffield Pie Shop is known for having the best pies in the whole country. They had a wide variety of pies ranging from meat pies to the sweet pies. If you’re travelling through Route 73, it is recommended to visit here to experience the different varieties of pies offered here.
Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass

On the way to Arthur’s Pass, you will first reach the Canterbury Plains. Equipped with the clear cold rivers, blowing cold air, epic mountainous views, etc., you’re inevitably going to fell in love with this place. Canterbury Plains stretches from North to the South.

After the Canterbury Plains, you’ll be reaching the Arthur’s Pass. In the Southern Alps, Arthur’s Pass is the highest and the most major peak. Around Arthur’s Pass, you are going to experience the most beautiful natural sceneries including the beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, etc.

From the Arthur’s Pass road, there is Castle Hill, a walk away. In Castle Hill, you can see the beautiful limestone caves and rocks. On these giant limestone boulders, you can easily reach their top and can experience a360-degree view of the whole place. This place is very famous among photographers and rock climbers. The limestone caves have some of the stunning and eye-catching limestone structures inside.

Arthur’s Pass to Greymouth

On travelling down the coast, you will reach the West Coast. On your arrival to the West Coast, there will be greeny rain forests waiting to welcome you. On your journey from Arthur’s Pass to the West Coast, you will also see the Otira River. This area is enriched with magnificent wildlife and plant life. The weather is windy with a cold wind blowing in the place.

Greymouth in the West Coast is the largest town. Many adventurous activities including the sea kayaking, white-water rafting, etc. are the main highlights of the Greymouth. Greymouth is a famous tourist destination among the adventure lovers and a considerable number of people from around the world visit here to enjoy the adventurous activities offered here.

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