His brother was dying from cancer, what he did next will make you cry

We often read touching stories spread in social media and the story of these two brothers is no different.

Celebrity Chef Hasset Go has recently been diagnosed having a Liver Cancer. To continue his medication, he is undergoing chemo therapy procedures which propelled the intense loss of his hair. Although hesitant in cutting his hair at first, the support of his brother Hisham (Diko) who cheered him up and encouraged him to let their hair cut together so that Hasset is not the only “kalbo” (bald) in the family made him decided to let go of his pre-loved hair.

In the instagram post of Hasset, he narrated the emotional story behind their bald heads.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.45.27 AM

He captioned “and this is me and my brother Hisham’s new hairstyle now! Hahaha.. Dahil sa hindi na mapipigilan ang pagkalagas ng mga buhok ko dahil sa chemo.. I need to make a big decision na! Yes, big decision talaga ang pagpakalbo ko.. Kasi halos alam ng lahat kung gaano ko kamahal ang buhok ko, kung mag ayos nga lang ang tagal matapos.. Kaya di ko talaga mapigilang di maiyak at malungkot habang nakikitang unti unti ng nalalagas mga buhok ko, sa Cr, sa unan at kama ko at kahit saang parte ng bahay. Pero nung dinamayan na ako ng pamilya ko.. At biglang sabi ng kapatid ko.. “Tara Diko, pakalbo na tayong dalawa, para parehas na tayong kalbo!”… Kaya heto kami ngayon. Hahaha…Nawala lungkot ko at masaya narin hindi dahil sa nagpakalbo din si Hisham kundi ramdam ko ang suporta at pagmamahal ng buong pamilya pati narin ng mga kaibigan… I love you all… Salamat sa lahat! Thank you Lord at sobrang #Grateful at #Blessed parin ako! #ThankYouLord #InJesusNameIAmHealed #fightfightfight.”

Celebrities meanwhile expressed their support and love to Hasset when they held a benefit show for him last July.

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Celebrities expressing their support to Hasset in battling against cancer

The strong love and support system of Go Brothers has been proven and tested already when they organized the wedding of their eldest brother Hazzy (Rowden) who was the dying groom behind the deathbed wedding video that touched the world, earning almost 15 million views in Youtube. Their story has also been featured in Maalaala Mo Kaya last year. (see Story behind viral video of dying man’s wedding re-told on TV)

Hazzy died few hours after their wedding due to terminal cancer (so it seems they have a cancer history in the family). He left his mother, two brothers, his wife Liezel and their daughter Zakiah.

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Hasset, Hisham and their mother, delivering Hazzy to her bride Liezel