Honkai: Star Rail 1.6 ‘Crown of the Mundane and Divine’: New characters, zones await

SINGAPORE – Singapore-based global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse has announced the upcoming release of Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.6, titled “Crown of the Mundane and Divine,” scheduled to launch on December 27. This update introduces a new area, the Herta Space Station’s Seclusion Zone, previously inaccessible until Madam Ruan Mei of the Genius Society initiated groundbreaking biological science experiments within its confines.

The expansion includes new playable characters: Madam Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, and Xueyi, and reunites two old friends, Blade and Kafka. Notably, with the commencement of version 1.6’s “Panta Rhei” event warp, users who have unlocked the mail feature will receive one limited five-star character, Dr. Ratio.

The update’s narrative follows the Trailblazer’s return to the Herta Space Station after assisting with the Paranormal crisis on Fyxestroll Garden. Here, the Trailblazer encounters Madam Ruan Mei for the first time, facing challenges arising from her clone cultivation experiments, leading to the emergence of the “Borehole Planet’s Old Crater” within the Seclusion Zone, resulting in a formidable battle.

Version 1.6 introduces a new DLC, the Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears, developed by Ruan Mei, featuring the Path of Erudition and experimental separation of dice from paths. These dice come with slots for various Dice Face effects, unlockable through Trailblaze Secrets, providing players with diverse gameplay experiences.

Moreover, players will engage in nurturing cute lifeforms via the Critter Pick Scavenging event to support research aboard the space station. The update also brings gameplay enhancements, including Pure Fiction integration, additional stages in the Forgotten Hall, and user-friendly improvements.

Three new characters—Madam Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, and Xueyi—join the player’s roster, each with distinct abilities and affiliations. Madam Ruan Mei, an Ice-Type character focusing on biological science, offers support skills benefiting allies’ damage and Weakness Break efficiency. Dr. Ratio, an Imaginary-Type character from the Intelligentsia Guild, specializes in exploiting enemy debuffs. Xueyi, a Quantum-Type character, boasts formidable combat skills targeting Toughness depletion.

Honkai: Star Rail is accessible on PC, iOS, Android, Epic Games Store, and PS5, receiving accolades like Apple’s App Store Game of the Year, Google Play’s Best Game, and BEST MOBILE GAME by The Game Awards. The game is rated Teen by ESRB and 12 by PEGI.

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