HUAWEI gives students up to PhP 10,000 off on their Matebook laptops for their back-to-school promo this July

MANILA, Philippines – Looking for an AI-enhanced edge to aid your learning? HUAWEI has got you covered. As the country’s young minds prepare to go back to school, HUAWEI Philippines lines up its most advanced laptops on promo! Come check out the MateBook series, with product lines optimized for every kind of learner and professional!

The MateBook series: Light, Speed, Power

HUAWEI has always prided itself on building a user community that values excellence, high performance, and self-improvement in all they do. That spirit is what inspired the MateBook series — HUAWEI’s top-of-the-line laptops designed to turbo-charge productivity. With FullView Display technology and eye-comfort certifications, HUAWEI MateBook screens are large and comfortably designed to display your digital workspace. Their top Excel processors ensure lightning-fast programs, no matter how heavy-duty the workflow. And with Mobile App Engine and Super Device support, HUAWEI MateBooks can be customized with users’ favorite mobile apps and utilize cross-gadget functionalities based on device pairing combinations with other HUAWEI gadgets. These features come guaranteed among several other features HUAWEI has added in and refined over the years, in order to create the best laptop design for productivity available.

Check out HUAWEI’s MateBooks on promo below:

MateBook 14s i5 11gen 8GB+512 GB at PHP 58,999 from PHP 68,999

Our most advanced laptop on promo, the 14s is perfect for users who want to be the best! A portable powerhouse, this laptop is powerfully innovative across the board yet distinctively light, combining all the usual features of the MateBook with several of the top features we discuss below. It comes in Space Gray or Spruce Green.

MateBook 14 i5 11gen 8GB+512GB at PHP 48,999 from PHP 52,999

The MateBook 14 2021 is powerfully sharp with a stunning display. The 90% screen-to-body ratio pushes the limit in vivid detail with a 100% sRGB color gamut, yet stays comfortable with HUAWEI’s eye protections. With HUAWEI shark fin cooling fans, this beautiful laptop also maintains low noise under heavy workload.

MateBook 14 AMD R5 16GB+512GB at PHP 49,999 from PHP 52,999

Also powerfully sharp, this version of the MateBook 14 boasts a AMD Ryzen processor in place of the usual Intel Core that powers HUAWEI. This is to boost especially the imaging performance of an already top-quality immersive visual experience with the MateBook 14, with the incorporation of AMD RadeonTM Graphics.

The MateBook D series: Made for Everyone, Made for Everyday

The MateBook D series is optimized for students and professionals, sporting similar streamlined features to the original line. The D series laptops are all-around winners with productivity-enhancing tools like the PC Manager, which allows for quick services and easy access to your file directory across all your HUAWEI gadgets, Mobile Apps, and AI-integrated Smart Office technology. Check out HUAWEI’s MateBook D laptops on promo below:

MateBook D15 i5 11gen 16GB+512GB at PHP 45,999 from PHP 48,999

Our largest laptop on promo at 15 inches, perfect for students who need a large digital workspace to tackle big ideas! The D15 2022 version boasts high performance processing so you can go to the edge of what’s possible. It comes in Space Gray and Mystic Silver. For those who want to make the best-value purchase and maximize the promo, the D15 2022 is also available at the lower price of PHP 39,999 with all the same features at 8GB+512GB; or at an even lower price of PHP 35,999 with all the same features at 8GB+256GB.

MateBook D14 i5 11gen 8GB+512GB at PHP 38,999 from PHP 43,999

The D14 2021 has a massive 56Wh battery, offering 10.5 hours of HD video playback from a single charge, and offers a versatile setup with a 180-degree open for easy screen sharing. It also comes in Space Gray and Mystic Silver.

MateBook D15 i5 10gen 8GB+512GB at PHP 35,999 from PHP 39,999

The D15 Reborn comes with a 65W USB-C charger that fits right in your pocket, for easy charge on the go. With fast-charging technology, you can charge your laptop battery to over 50% in just half an hour! The perfect blend of speed and power, it’s ideal for users who need to perform at a moment’s notice at all hours of the day. The 8GB+256GB version is available at PHP 33,999.

MateBook D15 i3 10gen 8GB+256GB at PHP 27,999 from PHP 31,999

The original D15 is a classic, with a trusty i3 Intel Core. An oldie but a goodie, this MateBook exemplifies all of HUAWEI’s core principles of what a laptop should be: light, powerful, and fast, all at the most affordable price.

With any of these state-of-the-art HUAWEI laptops, you can be confident to master your workflow and be on top of any project. Ready to take your productivity to the next level? Get any of them now through all available channels: online through the HUAWEI Online Store, Lazada, and Shopee; and offline, through all authorized retail outlets such as Silicon Valley, Abenson, Octagon, Gigahertz, PCExpress, VillMan, CompLink, Emcor and Thinking Tools.

For your convenience as you shop, see a table of HUAWEI’s Back-to-School offerings and promos below:

Products SRP July Promo
Matebook14s i5 11gen 8GB+512GB 68999 58999
Matebook14 i5 11gen 8GB+512GB 52999 48999
Matebook14 AMD R5 16GB+512GB 52999 49999
MatebookD15 i5 11gen 16GB+512GB 48999 45999
MatebookD14 i5 11gen 8GB+512GB 43999 38999
MatebookD15 i5 11gen 8GB+512GB 42999 39999
MatebookD15 i5 10gen 8GB+512GB 39999 35999
MatebookD15 i5 11gen 8GB+256GB 37999 35999
MatebookD15 i5 10gen 8GB+256GB 34999 33999
MatebookD15 i3 10gen 8GB+256GB 31999 27999

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