Huawei helps to build a Safe City


Huawei introduced its new Customer Service Interegation and Innovation Experience Center (CSIS) last February 23 at their office in BGC, Taguig.

Huawei showcases several innovative solutions including the Safe City Solutions together with its successful case studies which will provide the government a solid example in building a safer and better connected Philippines, as they effort to drive the nations digital economy transformation.

During the presentation Huawei also introduce their new products that will use to have a safer city.


Latest design 2 way Radio

This new generation of 2 way radio features a front and rear camera, so you can easily take photos or take videos of the incident happened. You can also cast your video in the command center, so they can really see wants happen in the area.


Outdoor CCTV

CCTV became mainstream as its use for security purposes on household and other businesses establishments, it also use to monitor traffic situation specially on the main roads in the city.

They have also a 2 way radio with smartphone capability that is running on the Android OS you can also put SIM card on the 2 way radio.

Huawei introduced one of their Close Circuit TV or CCTV that features a High Zoom capability. This camera can zoom up to 5KM radius.

Uploaded sample photo taken on the screen (CCTV footage) and uploaded the photo using my smartphone. You clearly see the difference, this kind of outdoor cameras uses to track down vehicles plate numbers. This command center is now being use and operated in BGC.

This innovations are most likely needed to setup in all cities now just in Metro but also in other places outside Manila. This will really helpful in terms of emergency responds during calamity or unexpected incident.

Huawei and its partners are working hand in hand to deliver the right skills and solutions and infrastructure as they are working towards making the country a better place.