Huawei Mate 8 unveiled

Mobile phones nowadays are not just phones. They have evolved into something more, a staple in one’s life if I may say so. The demand for it’s performance and aesthetic design have become so high that different brands do their best to outdo one another when they unveil a new design but I gotta say that  the Huawei Mate 8 takes the cake.

With its ergonomic premium design, metallic unibody, sandblasted rear surface, sleek touch from front to back, and smooth fluid outline we can definitely say that nothing beats a design that has been made to inspire and inspire it does. All 8 of its brand ambassador are achievers, trendsetters, and trailblazers in their own fields. They are the people that everyone aspires to be. They are the people that leave others asking, how do they do it.

huaweimate8_bigJessica Kienle, Rosebud Benitez, Sid Maderazo, Vic Consunji, Apples Aberin, Kelley Mangahas, Gaby dela Merced and Rajo Laurel all have one thing in common: an active lifestyle that requires them to be on the go all the time. These are people who really can’t be bothered to lug around 2 phones and a powerbank. Luckily, with Huawei Mate 8, you get a normal usage time on your phone of 35 hours. Yes, 35 hours. If you are a heavy user, 24 hours. The phone is also dual sim and has an external SD memory capacity of up to 128GB.

Truly, the Huawei Mate 8 is what is needed by the players of today. The millenials definitely need this and for those who may not be on the go all the time, wouldn’t it still be nice to have this thing of beauty at your hands? At a price of less than Php35,000, this is lower than most phones of the same or lesser caliber and will hit the stores on March 5.