INTERAKTIV 2019 [event]

It’s the start of a new school year where fresh graduates of highschool start enrolling in their respective colleges, thus being exposed to an entirely different world filled with life changing experiences. College is where students meet with new people from different races, religions, and have diverse opinions and ideas. In each school, there is always an orientation where each school has their own ways of orienting the freshmen. However, there’s one school who does their freshmen orientation which makes it stand out among the rest.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s freshmen orientation is called “INTERAKTIV”. From the name itself, the event focuses on being informative about the school yet also being fun and enlightening. For this year’s INTERAKTIV, the event’s theme is Aeronautics. Time flies by so fast that small details are left unnoticed from growing up. However, the flight is in the sky, which allows a change in perspective as the view below has a much wider view.

However, INTERAKTIV was not the original name as it was originally called “Freshman Orientation”, or FOP, where the freshman, or frosh, had their orientations in classrooms for the whole day. This type of orientation was fine but organizers then wanted to do something different. The name was then changed to “INTERAKTIV.” The now called INTERAKTIV was a start to a unique way of orienting the frosh. However, the manner of orienting the students stayed the same until a year ago, during INTERAKTIV 2018, which focused on giving only the most important information regarding the school while keeping it light and interactive for the students through the implementation of the amazing race. Since then, it has left a mark in the hearts of the students.

As the incoming batch of Benildean-Lasallians enter a new part of their lives, may they continue to reach for greater heights and learn life lessons that will help them become better versions of themselves. And remember, always do ordinary things extraordinarily well!

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