Jin Ju Hyung: ♥”Mahal Ko Kayo!”♥

Marks his latest RP return with a successful Fan Gathering

Less than two months from his recent visit to promote lovely vibes Filipino-Korean film, “You With Me” star Jin Ju Hyung flew back to Manila with his manager to fulfill a week long schedule of production meetings, auditions, first fan gathering and celebrate his 23rd birthday away from home.

If my computation is right, this latest Philippines trip is his fourth but first time as a solo actor. I am personally happy with the way things are happening for Ju Hyung career-wise.

What he really looked forward to was meeting his fans made possible by the hardworking admins of Jin Ju Hyung Sarang PH last 11/19/17 held at D’ Cup Coffee Republic. Due to the limited space of the venue, the organizers had to limit attendees to at least 100 or so. A lot of supporters really wanted to go and meet their oppa Ju Hyung. My fellow media were Korean-related sources.