John Lloyd Cruz rescues Toni Gonzaga … again

Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz in Home Sweetie Home
Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz in Home Sweetie Home

In life, one can never tell when trials are on the way. This is what Toni Gonzaga’s character Julie realized in the hit sitcom of ABS-CBN, “Home Sweetie Home,” particularly in its next episode, where the entire Manila faces the problem of a very low water supply.

This Saturday (June 7), summer has hit its peak at Barangay Puruntong and the threat of Global Warming is becoming more and more obvious. With water running low, things get worse when the barangay finds out that their water supply will be cut, causing Julie to panic.

Being a boy scout, her husband Romeo (John Lloyd Cruz) attempts to solve the problem and gathers up excess water—but the water is put to use the wrong way and ends up being wasted once more. What’s worse is that no one else from the family took time to make the necessary preparations for a catastrophe like this one.

[stextbox id=”astig”]How will the family be able to solve a problem that they were never ready to face in the first place? Find out on “Home Sweetie Home,” now airing on Saturdays on ABS-CBN at 6:00pm.[/stextbox]