John Lloyd warns against Internet & text scams

John Lloyd Cruz

MANILA, Philippines – John Lloyd Cruz (Romeo) reminds viewers the value of critical thinking in today’s digital era as the cast of “Home Sweetie Home” highlight various situations that require people to be cautious about scams and other deceitful acts online for Saturday’s episode (June 6).

“Home Sweetie Home’s” episode covers internet material authenticity, social media privacy, and text scams that the cast will take part of.

This week, Romeo discovers that Gigi’s (Miles Ocampo) crush, Mark (Marco Gumabao) is asking for sexy and daring photos to be sent to their online chat. Furious at Mark, Romeo warns Gigi about how hackers infiltrate social media for bad motives.

At work, Romeo gets shocked at Lino’s outburst after Sir Paeng (Ogie Diaz) reprimanded the whole team. When Sir Paeng demanded for Lino’s apology, Lino announces that he will resign because he received a text from his uncle that he will be given a large sum of money, but he needs to deposit P 2,000 first.

Knowing that it is a text scam, Romeo alerts Lino and tells him to take back his resignation and apologize to Sir Paeng.

Meanwhile, Rence (Clarence Delgado) attempts to create a viral video with Mang LA (Mitoy Yonting), Eric (Eric Nicolas), and Obet (Jobert Austria) that will feature an incredible yet fake basketball shot trick.

How will Gigi react towards Romeo’s advice? Will Lino listen to Romeo? What will happen to Rence’s video?

Find out in this Saturday’s episode of “Home Sweetie Home!”

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