Kaspersky Ph KIPS online Game Media Tour 2018

Interactive Simulation KIPS Online Game helps Ph Company to improve Cybersecurity. To protect its assets from Threats and Theft.

17 July 2018 Makati Philippines – I did play the Interactive Simulation Online Game that helps Philippines Company to improve its Cybersecurity. At the Penthhouse of Makati  Diamond Residences team up together with people from the Print and online Press. So we were leading on second turn and then turn into 2nd place after 5th turn. Seems like an f1 race IT business tech game.

Every turns and scenario play a crucial role in companys cybersecurity. As Kaspersky offers actionable security intellegence training for top level business executives around the globe. We were given 5 minutes to solve the case problem every turn and deducted minutes as the case progress. 

Because its a like a snowball effect the problem gets bigger like virus its growing that will lead to another problem. That needs to be cure the soonest time possible, So the pressure is on. Which can be solve via cards Kaspersky products solution and simulated via ipad. Like the usual teenage dice, millionaires or snake and ladder game.

Given the fact that we need to earn 1 million dollars cash on hand to win the game. We ended up half of the said target, So what went wrong?  In some case we need to find solution for payment made to the wrong supplier, encounter employee theft. Even threat from various cybercriminals wanting us to pay so they wont release the customers information stolen from the company.

So we did mutual consent to other team member and efforts to bring down recovery cost. As Kaspersky research that 51% of interprise agreed that its difficult to demonstrate ROI when it comes to security cost. During the training and game they clearly shows us the real life scenario of potential damage and real life challenges face by a certain company.

Some data may cause thousands of dollars even millions. Wrong payment and unsecured data may lead to company profit loss. So the goal of KIPS is to train managers to fix this different kind of landscape. To save money and recover cost of potential damage. Because business in the Philippines tackles one of the toughest threats called cybercrime. 

Do we really need to pay the ransom? What protective measures should we do? Report it to the police or release PR statement that our company is under attack by cyber criminals even inside employee? Kaspersky Interactive game protection simulation. To improve cyber security to Philippine Company. 

Perform penetration test, prevention and scenario troubleshooting given you're were running out of time. As the security goes deeper and getting complicated. KIPS online game and live security awareness can be requested to resellers worldwide. #astigtech #astignation astig.ph #kaspersky #antivirus #cybersecurity #fraud #softwaresecurity #corporatecybersecurity

Kaspersky lab specialized in comprehensive customize security solution with over 400 million users worldwide. And help 270 000 corporate clients to protect whats the matter most. A role model to protect a normal business from any form of IT theft and damage.


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