Lee Min Ho stars in Filipino-dubbed serye ‘Faith’

MANILA, Philippines – Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will portray a warrior from the past with magical powers in the new telenovela “Faith” to be shown exclusively only on ABS-CBNmobile beginning October 20.

“Faith” is the story of Choi Young, a royal bodyguard of a king in the past, and Yoo Eun-soo, a female doctor in modern times. When the queen was seriously injured, Choi Young was sent by the king to go through the magical portal to get “heaven’s doctor,” which happens to be a doctor from the future named Eun-soo.

A love story that transcends time and space ensues in the process. Fantasy and history will meet. But can love overcome seemingly insurmountable odds? Will Choi Young and Eun-soo be happy in the end?

“Faith” also presents a unique challenge to Lee Min Ho and other characters in the telenovela. Aside from doing action scenes, they had to wear heavy costumes while acting and moving.

Fans of the Korean star are eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds as they enjoy the colorful and action-filled drama, especially now since anyone can watch it anytime and anywhere using a smartphone equipped with an ABS-CBNmobile SIM.

They will surely revel in “Faith,” which has never been shown before in the country, and which will be a joy to watch because it is dubbed in Filipino. The Korean star’s fans expect to fall in love again.

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For more information about “Faith” and how you can watch it on ABS-CBNmobile, please visit www.abscbnmobile.com.